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How to take THC-O—the right way

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Presented ByThe Hemp DoctorPublished on September 29, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
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From finding safe products to setting the right mood.

You’ve heard of delta-8 and delta-10, but THC-O is in a whole new league—and it’s just about to hit the mainstream. THC-O starts with a naturally occurring form of THC, but goes through synthesis in a lab to make something far more powerful than even standard THC.

This potent high can even be derived from hemp, so depending on where you live, you can likely get it in the mail instead of visiting a dispensary. That being said, there is still some debate about whether THC-O constitutes “synthetic THC” under federal law, which is still a controlled substance and illegal even when derived from hemp, so proceed with caution. Because it can only be made in a lab under very specific conditions, any THC-O product is only going to be as good as its manufacturer. But with established, reputable hemp companies like The Hemp Doctor entering the space, you don’t have to go too far to find something you can trust.

Meet THC-O, a hemp-derived compound three times stronger than THC

A THC-O high is a thrilling experience, but you’re probably not going to want to enjoy it when you have to get anything done, even if you normally smoke cannabis as a study buddy or to make doing dishes more interesting. Considering your setting is critical to having a good time, especially your first time trying it.

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Here’s a little background on this cannabis craze—and how to set yourself up for success.

Manufacturers like The Hemp Doctor have perfected their extraction processes, so you’re going to get a higher-quality oil without hazardous by-products.

What exactly is THC-O?

THC-O’s full name is THC-O acetate, and when it’s made from hemp, it typically starts as a delta-8 extract. What makes it larger than life, and why it can only be made in a lab, is Acetic Anhydride. This chemical is highly corrosive and flammable, so don’t DIY this—having a house that’s not on fire is going to contribute to a better experience in both THC-O and life.

Besides, manufacturers like The Hemp Doctor have already perfected their extraction processes, so you’re going to get a higher-quality oil without hazardous by-products. Even more of a reason to leave it to the experts.

Once it becomes an acetate, THC gets a big boost in potency, with some even calling its effects psychedelic. The end product is a thick but viscous oil that can be prepared for eating or vaping.

What’s the right dose of THC-O?

The Hemp Doctor recommends starting slow, even if you have a high tolerance to other forms of THC: For a vape cart, take one short puff and wait at least 30 minutes before drawing again. In a high-quality cart like The Hemp Doctor’s THC-O Acetate Vape Cart Oil, the draw can be incredibly smooth, so make sure you’re not inadvertently dragging on it too hard!

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Creating the right THC-O experience

For the optimal THC-O experience, you’re going to want to set the mood—and that mood is not going to Six Flags and riding every rollercoaster. Try these ideas out instead.

Art party

Grab a few of your closest friends, pool all your art supplies, lay out a drop cloth, and take a small pull from an energizing THC-O strain like Trainwreck. Then, start creating—you could get weird with it or just draw little smiley faces depending on where the high takes you.

Beach blanket buds

If it’s a nice day out, plan a lowkey beach hang with snacks, plenty of drinking water, and a little shade. Don’t plan on swimming, just bask in the sea air and sunshine. A balanced hybrid THC-O strain like Runtz completes the picture.

Extra cozy movie night

Grab a few feel-good movies you haven’t seen in a while—perhaps a series of them—and stock up on plenty of microwavable popcorn, or whatever your preferred movie snack is. Cuddle up in a blanket, take a puff of a THC-O indica strain like Skywalker OG, and start your marathon. It’s OK to fall asleep in the theater when it’s your own couch.

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Nature walk

Hiking is a tried-and-true stoner activity, but don’t push it your first time trying THC-O. Is there a park nearby with pretty sights and easy paths? A botanical garden? Somewhere with a lot of birds? Bring a water bottle, a friend, and an invigorating strain like Amnesia Haze.

Gorilla Glue game night

A game night is a low-pressure way to have some fun, whether you’re playing card games, board games, video games, or something else entirely. Will that hybrid THC-O strain add an extra challenge to a racing game—or will it make you weirdly unstoppable at charades?

Find these smokable THC-O strains from The Hemp Doctor and breathe easy knowing you’re getting only high-quality, thoroughly tested extracts.

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