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Imperial Extraction drops free THCA diamond-infused pre-rolls

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Presented ByThe Pack LabsPublished on November 15, 2023
black rolling tray full of short pre-rolled joints. the brand name "IMPERIAL" is written in bottom left corner of the frame
This article is sponsored by The Pack Labs. Image courtesy of The Pack Labs.

Celebrate Imperial with a joint on the house

Imperial Extraction is taking their West Coast cannabis experience to the rapidly growing hemp industry. Imperial’s mission is to offer their innovative products to as many people as possible, believing that everyone should have access to the capabilities of the hemp plant.

In celebration of this new venture, Imperial Extraction is offering an exclusive giveaway: their luxurious 2g THCA Diamond Loaded Pre-rolls, absolutely free!

Simply apply the code IMPERIAL at checkout with any purchase or subscription, and enjoy this premium pre-roll delivered straight to your doorstep.

Just use code IMPERIAL at checkout to get a free joint shipped right to your door.

Imperial THCA Pre-rolls

Imperial Extraction
Courtesy of The Pack Labs

THCA, found in hemp, offers a potent psychoactive experience similar to traditional cannabis. Upon heating, THCA transforms into THC, delivering the familiar intoxicating effects associated with weed. These pre-rolls, crafted from hemp flower, include less than .3% THC, but 30% THCA, allowing you to enjoy the potent effects of decarboxylated THCA. This makes THCA a standout compound for those seeking a robust, psychoactive buzz from smokable products.

Each 2g pre-roll is loaded with:

  • 1.5g fresh, top-shelf flower
  • .5g pure THCA diamonds
  • An eye-popping 30% diamonds per joint
  • 12mm reusable glass mouthpiece for an enhanced smoking experience

The 12mm glass mouthpiece takes the smoking experience to a whole new level, making each inhale more flavorful and smooth. Pick up Imperial Extraction pre-rolls in three different strains, Cereal Milk, GMO Cookies, and LA King Kush. They’re each legendary strains in their own right, so you can’t really go wrong with these options. We’d suggest making it easy on yourself and trying them all.

Imperial Vape Pods & Battery System

Imperial Extraction
Courtesy of The Pack Labs

Imperial’s special blend of live resin, D-8, and THCP is reportedly 5x stronger than traditional THC. This hemp-derived extract has been carefully formulated to deliver a smooth high designed to be remarkably similar to that of traditional cannabis.

Imperial developed their own proprietary pod system for an enhanced smoking experience:

  • 3 heat settings with pre-heating capabilities
  • Durably engineered with anti-clog features
  • Perfectly compact design
  • USB-C fast charging port

Order Imperial’s exclusive vape pod system with exotic strains including White Berry Runtz, Bacio Gelato, Grape Champagne, and more.

Subscribe, save, and vibe

Imperial Extraction
Courtesy of The Pack Labs

Imperial Extraction simplifies your relaxation routine with their hassle-free monthly subscription services. Discover your favorite Imperial products and let them handle the rest, delivering pre-rolls and vape pods right to your doorstep.

Advantages of Imperial’s subscription service:

  • Access to VIP subscription discounts
  • Benefit from convenient 24-hour shipping
  • Choose your own subscription deliveries, every 2 weeks or 4 weeks
  • Maintain a consistent supply without the worry of running low
  • Enjoy the convenience ofhome delivery, eliminating the need for dispensary visits

Kick off your Imperial subscription experience with a complimentary THCA diamond-infused pre-roll with every order. Simply apply the code IMPERIAL at checkout to claim your gift.

West Coast roots on a national stage

Imperial Extraction
Courtesy of The Pack Labs

Imperial Extraction’s heritage is deeply rooted in Northern California’s pioneering cultivation scene, the birthplace of many legendary cannabis breeders. The founders, fueled by a profound passion for cannabis and a vision to unleash its full potential, are committed to sharing their groundbreaking achievements with a wide audience.

The Imperial Extraction team was able to apply their years of experience and pursuit of perfection to making products that are available for a national audience, with the convenience of shopping online.

As a true friend would, Imperial Extraction has all of its products rigorously tested by a third-party lab to ensure quality, safety, and potency. You can trust that all of the brand’s products are carefully engineered to align with all legal limits and regulations.

While supplies last, Imperial Extraction is giving away free THCA diamond-infused pre-rolls with every order. Don’t miss out & subscribe today!

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer:Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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