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What is nano THC? How nanoemulsions create new cannabis building blocks

Axiomm Technologies
Presented ByAxiomm TechnologiesPublished on December 4, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Courtesy of Axiomm)

This article is brought to you by Axiomm Technologies, enhancing products with consumption nanotechnology.

It’s a scientific fact so embedded in our brains that it’s become an adage: oil and water don’t mix. Except in the case of cannabis nanoemulsions, they do. Thanks to nanotechnology, cannabis can fit into any consumable product, whether it’s a soda, a gummy or a lotion.

Axiomm Technologies is evolving the realm of consumable possibility with a precursor called µGOO — a micro goo that facilitates the easy creation of nano products. By allowing any cannabis concentrate to be mixed into water, it lets brands expand their product range, improve their products’ performance and, in turn, grow their customer base.

(Courtesy of Axiomm)

“We are allowing absolutely anyone who has a non-combustible or non-vape product idea to incorporate our nanotechnology in a very accessible way, both in price point and ease of manufacturing,” says Axiomm President Andrew Wong.

With µGOO, nanotechnology is available to cannabis companies of all sizes and budgets, which helps them cut back on R&D time, create more reliable products, and leave more time for marketing, distributing and selling the products themselves.

Making THC water work

Emulsification is the same process that keeps your salad dressings held together. But unlike a salad dressing, which eventually separates back out after a while, a THC or CBD emulsion has to be created on the nanoscale to work properly and deliver the results consumers want.

Cannabis nanoemulsions work by taking large oil droplets and breaking them down into tiny particles that can mix with water in a way that enhances the cannabinoids’ bioavailability. If anything destabilizes the mixture, the tiny oil droplets can mix back together and cause cloudiness or even a separate layer of oil. If this happens, you can lose the benefits of the technology.

(Courtesy of Axiomm)

A precursor, like µGOO, solves these issues and guarantees stability of the nano THC or nano CBD when used to infuse products. When THC or CBD is properly introduced, any infused product can become safe, stable, potent, and great-tasting. The versatility allows cannabis companies to manufacture products that appeal to a wide range of cannabis users, including health-conscious ones who are less likely to regularly smoke or eat a brownie, without sacrificing quality.

“Many people are able to get to a point where they produce an emulsion that has a relatively small particle size, but that’s just the beginning. The benefits of our internationally-recognized nanotechnology are really extensive and are opening a lot of doors for product developers,” explains Wong.

The benefits of nanotechnology

Two key benefits of nanotechnology are a result of the nano THC and CBD being absorbed where they normally aren’t, like in your mouth and stomach. This allows you to absorb more of it more quickly. Wong says that their customers have reported onset time of their products as soon as 6 minutes for beverages and food, and 2 minutes for lotions and creams.

(Courtesy of Axiomm)

Then there’s the subject of taste. While Wong notes that developing a stable, potent nanoemulsion is “really where the rubber hits the road,” it’s still only half the battle. Nanoemulsions can have a very bitter taste, which interferes with creating a product anyone craves.

“There is no such thing as a truly tasteless or flavorless nanoemulsion out there,” explains Wong. “But with µGOO,” he says, “we’ve come up with what we call a neutral flavor that eliminates the bitterness.”

In short: By using µGOO, cannabis goods manufacturers don’t have to worry about any of the headaches of R&D to improve their product performance. They just have to worry about sourcing their THC or CBD supply.

A whole new world of cannabis products

As cannabis becomes more socially (and legally) acceptable, more consumers are looking for ways to integrate its benefits into their lives. At the same time, improved technology is giving that growing consumer base a growing selection of products to choose from.

(Courtesy of Axiomm)

A precursor like µGOO lets companies fully unleash their creativity, but those looking for a different jumping-off point can also benefit from Axiomm’s other precursor technologies, like its µMIX, a water-soluble nanopowder that can be sold as a bulk powder or mixed into edibles like cookies, brownies or chocolates, or its µCREAM, a nano cream that allows for true absorption through your skin because of the small particle size.

“There are many, many consumers out there who will simply never smoke cannabis, but are still interested in consuming THC in a way that’s a little bit more familiar to them in the health and wellness space,” says Wong.

µGOO is made entirely with food ingredients and without harsh chemicals or solvents, making it especially appealing to the kind of health-conscious consumers looking for alternatives to combustion or baked goods.

Axiomm’s products have been used to make fully-formed edibles, and also lotions and even ingredients like baking powder. “We provide our customers with commercial-scale nanoemulsion equipment setups and flavored versions of our nano liquid and nanopowder lines, so brands can really explore our exciting and innovative technology,” adds Wong.

“In short,” he explains, “we want to make everyone’s products better in this industry, and we know our line of products will do just that.”

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