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On the Road With the Aero Inhaler

Aero Inhaler
Presented ByAero InhalerPublished on February 8, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This article is brought to you by Aero Inhaler, a new way to consume cannabis and winner of the Cannabis Business Award for Most Innovative Product of 2017.

When it comes to discretion, cannabis consumers are a savvy bunch. While evolving laws mean that we generally don’t have to duck behind bleachers anymore, plenty of us keep a one-hitter in our lineup of smoking gear for those times when we just need to step around the corner for a moment.

As marijuana gets more mainstream, consumers are looking for new ways to take a toke without advertising it. After all, who wants to have to put a conversation on hold just to sneak a quick puff?

The Aero Inhaler makes taking a puff or two of cannabis on the go more discreet than ever. (Leafly)

In response to that demand, stealthy, concentrate-focused solutions like oil pens and wax vaporizers are marching steadily into the market. But even the lowest-profile among them results in the exhalation of conspicuous clouds.

The latest alternative to lighting up, though, isn’t a new technology, but a clever application of an existing one. The Aero Inhaler from R2 Aerosols looks like a typical inhaler—the same kind that’s been battling asthma attacks for decades. But instead of medication, the device atomizes cannabis distillate in a precisely measured puff that users can exhale invisibly.

The Aero Inhaler fits in your pocket, never needs to recharge, and doesn’t rely on combustion to deliver cannabis. (Leafly)

Simple and portable, this new addition to the cannabis utility belt can stay in a backpack or briefcase and remain anonymous until it’s needed. With no need for combustion and no visible—or smellable—results, the Aero Inhaler is an easy way to get a little taste wherever your travels take you, without raising any alarms or eyebrows.

Out to Lunch

Waiting in line for your favorite taco truck? Breaking out the blazer for a gourmet dinner? Whatever’s on the menu, the Aero Inhaler promises to be your new favorite side dish, and since it’s so unassuming, you won’t catch any flak from fellow diners or suffer side-eye from your server.

Waiting in line for the taco truck? No one will notice if you have a hit from the Aero Inhaler. (Leafly)

And your meal won’t be the only thing that tastes great—reintroduced terpenes make sure that the distillate powering the Aero Inhaler stays pure and potent while maintaining the flavor profile of full flower.

The Great Outdoors

Taking a hike, going for a bike tour, or hitting the slopes? Whatever it is that brings you outdoors, you can bring an Aero Inhaler along for the ride. Since inhalers are built to carefully meter dosage, you can dial in the buzz that best suits your outdoor activity of choice.

A Night at the Movies

‘No smoking’ sign? No problem. Since you don’t inhale smoke or vapor from an Aero Inhaler, you won’t exhale them, either. It’s the perfect choice for use when you’re in close quarters and sharing climate-controlled air.

No smoking? Fine by us. (Leafly)

And while a little cannabis and a big-budget blockbuster are a time-honored duo, it’s not the only media that can be enhanced with an inhale. At a concert, a play, or a ballet recital, you can breathe easy without your seatmates suspecting a thing.

Family Functions

No smell, no smoke, and no need to step outside means that you can get a little lift to carry you through family functions large and small. Spice up a round of Monopoly at board game night, share a little holiday cheer with your distant cousins, or just liven up a wedding reception that’s going a little long. Wherever you use it, you won’t have to answer any more questions from Aunt Ethel about why you keep running to the restroom.

Aero Inhaler
Presented ByAero Inhaler
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