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The OTTO Joint Machine Has Something for Everyone

(Courtesy of OTTO)
This article is brought to you by OTTO, the artificially intelligent cannabis grinder and joint machine that makes it easy to take it easy.

As cannabis legalization spreads across North America, it’s bringing new ways to consume cannabis with it. But thanks to new technologies like the OTTO cannabis grinder, one of the most classic cannabis consumption methods—the simple, dependable, and iconic joint—is getting the 21st century treatment.

This artificially intelligent joint machine has been a go-to among Leafly staff for months, since OTTO’s CEO Dave Richmond visited our studios to talk about the tech powering this joint machine that can fill up to 30 cones with your favorite cannabis in a single charge.


What Are You Smoking? Episode 41: Meet OTTO, The Joint-Rolling Robot

Whether you’re a cannabis patient looking for an easier way to roll up your medication, a newcomer who wants to smoke a joint without wasting a whole packet of papers, or a cannabis aficionado eager to test out the latest gadgets, the OTTO is sure to find a place on your shelf.

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Cannabis Patients

Plenty of smokers use cannabis because of medical concerns, and many of those same medical concerns, such as arthritis, can make it hard, painful, or downright impossible to roll a joint. For cannabis users who are medicating, the OTTO can tick a difficult chore off the to-do list with the push of a button.

This ease of use has made the OTTO a go-to accessory for performer Alice Diehl, who has used cannabis for the last decade to treat her cerebral palsy and reviews cannabis accessories for individuals with disabilities on YouTube and Instagram.

“Without cannabis, I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things I do in my life, and joints are my absolute favorite way to consume cannabis. But until the OTTO, I had never been able to roll one on my own,” Diehl says. “And beyond making it really easy to produce a great joint, the OTTO preserves the terpenes on flower in a way that other grinders don’t. You can really tell the difference, in both flavor and effect.”

The consistency a joint machine like the OTTO brings to rolling your own also helps for dosing purposes. This cannabis grinder can turn any flower—dense or fluffy, slightly wet or a little dusty—into uniform particles that make for uniform joints. That means you’re getting the same thing, every time, ensuring that medical cannabis consumers get exactly what they’ve come to expect.

The OTTO comes with everything you need for a great joint—except the cannabis. (Courtesy of OTTO)

Cannabis Newbies

Getting started in cannabis today can be intimidating. There are new terminologies to learn, a world of flavors and effects to experience, and lots of novel products on dispensary shelves that can surprise even seasoned smokers.

Flower is always a great place to start, and if you’re just looking to dip a toe into recreational cannabis, joints can be a familiar and fun way to ease back in without leaping into the deep end. But learning to roll your first joint as an adult—or learning the skill again if the last time you practiced was college—can be a barrier to entry.

“One of our goals with the OTTO was to make it easy for anyone to enjoy a great-tasting, even-smoking joint without a headache,” says CEO Dave Richmond. “Whether you’re a new smoker or a veteran, this technology makes it easy to enjoy a great smoke at the push of a button. We couldn’t think of a better way to invite new cannabis consumers in!”

In this complex new market, we’re all getting by with a little help from our friends, and the OTTO makes it easy to enjoy a joint of any flower you like without any hassle or mess. And the uniform texture and density that the OTTO mills cannabis to works for joints, glass, and vaporizers alike.

The OTTO can fill joints easily, it grinds cannabis that’s great for pipes and vaporizers as well. (Courtesy of OTTO)

Cannabis Connoisseurs

For the daily smoker, OTTO is a great way to make sure you’ve always got a well-rolled joint easily at hand. And since this joint machine makes rolling so easy, there’s no reason not to make a spare for later while you’re at it. It’s this ease-of-use for smokers of all stripes that made the OTTO an easy choice for Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.


The Leafly 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

If you’ve got a party, gathering, or long weekend on the horizon, the OTTO joint machine is also a great way to produce joints in volume, filling as many as 30 cones in a single charge. Get ready for your annual camping trip or holiday party in record time by rolling a big batch of joints in the OTTO and save yourself the hand cramp to boot.

The OTTO’s grind is more than just automatic, though—it’s fine-tuned to preserve the personality of the cannabis you use with it.

The OTTO joint machine uses artificial intelligence for a great grind. (Courtesy of OTTO)

“Traditional grinders can crush buds and damage the trichomes that give cannabis its character. In contrast, the OTTO’s smart milling system continually senses resistance against its blades and makes automatic adjustments,” says Richmond. “The result is finely milled cannabis that retains its surface structure and flavor, and makes for a great smoke in a joint or whatever accessory you prefer.”

For adventurous smokers looking to try out the work of new gardens or exotic strains, the OTTO is also a great way to ensure consistency. With every joint coming out the same, you can know that you’ll never judge a flower too harshly just because the joint of it you smoked wasn’t your finest work.

  • BruceIshikawa

    How lazy can you get? If you can’t roll a good joint, then practice more. If you can’t roll a good joint, then vape or use a pipe. If you can’t roll a good joint, you shouldn’t be smoking joints.

  • ComfortZone

    My 57 year old sister was a thalidomide baby and as a result, because what fingers she has are tiny and more or less come straight out of her shoulders as she has no arms, she could not roll joints in the usual way. So she taught herself to roll joints with her toes, her legs luckily just being long enough to get her toes to touch each other. Watching her roll a joint and smoke it with her toes put myself and friends to shame. Perfect every time.

    Now, however, she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and cannot roll for herself. She has a medical dose of a certain strain which she grows herself to help with the pain from the RA. I have to roll for her and find it difficult to get the dose evenly distributed for her.

    Despite the sarcastic comments about practising more and Hipsters ( being in the U.K. I don’t understand the comments about Hipsters), if the OTTO does as advertised, I would happily buy one if they export to the U.K. to ensure my sister was getting the best possible effect for her pain.

    I have been smoking since the early sixties and my sister from the early 80s. We both now have to use cannabis as medicine rather than pleasure and with ‘proper’ cannabis ( not the CBD oils which are treated as food supplements by our laws so are easily available) we both face jail time for growing and using as it is still illegal.

    In many states in the USA not only is it legal but there are pharmacies that provide the correct strains for different medical uses.

    I can imagine the difference this would make to our lives if this were the case in the U.K. It would be amazing, no fear of breaking the law, easy availability of correct strains and more innovative technology available to help make everything more precise and easier to access.

    Leafly is a mine of information for us, and to be honest, I don’t give a toss about their motives. I consider US citizens living in a state where cannabis is not only legal but there are also medical cannabis pharmacies available and you can ring up and have it delivered, as easily as ordering a pizza delivery, should consider themselves blessed.