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Product Review: Flurish Cannabis-Infused Gummy Edibles

Published on November 21, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Product Review: Flurish Cannabis-Infused Gummy Edibles

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out Flurish cannabis-infused gummy edibles.

The other week while I was visiting Los Angeles, I visited my favorite dispensary, La Brea Compassionate Caregivers, and came home with a new product I was absolutely stoked to test out: gummy edibles from Flurish. I tried them on a couple different occasions (for science!) and was exceptionally pleased with the results.

Flurish Gummies at a Glance

Product Type: Edibles (gummy squares)

Manufacturer: Flurish

Ingredients: Sugar, gelatine, corn syrup, coconut oil, watermelon flavoring (for my watermelon four piece box; ingredients may vary depending on flavor), cornstarch, food coloring, citric acid

Strength: Multiple options — individually wrapped 15mg gummies or a four piece box of either 37.5mg gummies (150 mg total) or 75mg gummies (300mg total) available in Hybrid or Sativa

Cannabis Extraction Method: Solventless

Flavors: Watermelon, mango, pineapple, sour apple, seasonal flavors

Testing: Printed with SC Labs logo on the box

Initial Impressions

For my first test run with the Flurish gummies, I was on a trip with a lover and we decided to try the 15mg individually-wrapped gummies. I had Cranberry Tangerine (a seasonal flavor) and he had Pineapple. Each of us commented on how tasty they were — Flurish successfully avoids the heavy cannabis aftertaste that is the downfall of so many edibles on the market today. He started feeling it after about 35 minutes but mine took a full hour to notice the effects.

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My body felt like softened butter — all of the tension melted away and I was left with a placid feeling of calm. My mind felt moderately stoney; I was still capable of having deep conversations, but preferred those conversations to involve snuggling and eye gazing. It was definitely a chilled out feeling great for a lazy day of movie watching. The noticeable effects lasted about two hours for me and about four hours for him, which makes sense given our relative tolerances.

5 tips to safely dose and enjoy high-THC cannabis edibles

Next, I wanted to try the higher dose in a social situation to see how it felt. I cut one of the 75mg squares in half and ate the smaller half, about a 30-35mg dose. Then I called a Lyft and headed for the XBiz Rise Gala in Hollywood. This event is both an appreciation party for the adult performance industry and a nomination announcement party for the XBiz Awards, an adult industry awards show held every January.

The Flurish edible took about an hour to kick in (which seemed consistent with my previous experience with this brand) so it hit me about 30 minutes after I arrived at the event. I was sitting with Buck Angel and Nina Hartley and I looked over at Buck and exclaimed, “Oh wow. I am really high!” Being amazing, responsible friends, they asked if I needed anything and handed me a bottle of water. (Water is always a good idea.)

Nothing was wrong and I felt great, but I was unmistakably feeling the THC effects of euphoria and appreciating the event’s lights and sounds. There was a DJ spinning techno and the bass was pumping. I could feel the sound waves reverberating through my body. It made for fascinating people watching — I felt like I was in the front row of an IMAX movie. I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I’d eaten the entire 75mg square. These gummies are seriously potent.

My Verdict

Delicious. Flurish’s website lists the individual 15mg squares as “beginner,” the 150mg boxes as “intermediate,” and the 300mg boxes as “advanced.” I think those are slightly misleading. 15mg would be too much for someone with a low tolerance, so I’d strongly suggest cutting the 15mg gummies in half if you’re a true beginner. For the stronger ones, I would say, as always, to start low and go slow. Err on the side of cutting them in half or even quarters.

Because these gummies are so powerful, they’re a great value. La Brea Compassionate Caregivers retails the 15mg gummies for $3 each, which I consider a total steal. The 150mg box retails for $10 and the 300mg box retails for $18. When you consider that the average top shelf gram of flower in Los Angeles costs between $17 and $25, you can see why I’m so impressed with the price point.

All in all, I am a big fan of Flurish’s edible offerings. Have you tried them? What did you think?

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