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Product Review: The SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Coil-less Quartz Vape Pen

January 27, 2017
Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Coil-less Quartz Vape Pen

The SOURCE Orb 4 at a Glance

Product type: Portable vaporizer pen for concentrates

Manufacturer: SOURCEvapes

Price: $99.95


  • Six different concentrate atomizers
  • Magnetic lock for easy loading
  • 2nd gen. variable airflow system with five settings
  • Works with nine different 4-series atomizers
  • Lifetime no-hassle warranty


  • One SOURCE Orb 4 attachment,
  • One SOURCE Orb 4 premium battery
  • Six 4-series atomizers
  • One premium dab tool
  • One 510 charging cable
  • One silicone container
  • One microfiber cleaning cloth

Initial Impressions

SOURCE Orb 4 vape pen initial impressions
The SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit and Coil-less Vape Pen by SOURCEvapes provides a quality and reliable vaping experience into a sleek and super simple design. I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of relief when I first put together the Orb 4. Right out of the box you are given the battery, the orb attachment where the mouthpiece and atomizer are kept, and six atomizers to choose from, so there’s a strong emphasis on customization and finding the right setup for you (more on this later).

Once you have screwed the oval-shaped orb attachment onto the cylindrical battery, the Source Orb 4 presents a very clean, slim, and sleek profile thanks to the metallic finish that is smooth to the touch. The orb attachment is much heavier than the battery due to the high-quality and heavy-duty constriction of the orb attachment, which makes the assembled pen a bit top-heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend standing it up on its own.

Despite that unequal weight distribution, the SOURCE Orb 4 isn’t unwieldy and difficult to carry around at all, as I found myself stuffing the pen into my pants or jacket pocket and backpack with little to no struggle. That combined with its clean, metallic look makes this pen a great option for almost any scenario you can imagine yourself in. Whether you’re running errands around town, going for a hike, or just hanging out with friends (or by yourself!), the SOURCE Orb 4 is discreet enough to be used without raising attention and also compact enough to be easily transported anywhere.

Loading and Operating the SOURCE Orb 4

Operating the SOURCE Orb 4 is incredibly easy, but first there’s a little bit of setup required. This is fine, though, since it involves picking one out of the six available atomizers that come with the pen. I really like that SOURCEvapes includes this atomizers, and the Orb 4 attachment can use up to nine different atomizers if you’re using the more-powerful 30w SOURCEvapes battery.  I was only using the included battery, but having six atomizers to choose from was more than enough for me.

Since I value flavor and ease of use, I decided to go with the coil-less quartz plus atomizer, but I did switch it up occasionally for the white ceramic double coil atomizer when I felt like blowing some bigger clouds. There’s seriously an atomizer here for any occasion, making this vape pen ideal for concentrate connoisseurs or for those who like having options to find what’s just right.


Explore the Diverse World of Cannabis Oil and Concentrates

I’m also glad that operating the battery itself was such an easy and hassle-free process. There’s (thankfully) no frills to this battery — just press the single button five times to bring the pen to life and adjust the wheel at the bottom to set your voltage settings. The voltage range is from 2.7-4.2 volts, and with so many different atomizers it was awesome to find that SOURCEvapes keeps a chart on their website that lists the type of atomizer and the recommended power range, depending on what unit you’re using.

Another thing that I found to be really convenient is that the part of the orb attachment that holds the atomizer is sealed by a strong magnet, so whenever you need to reload the pen with your concentrate of choice, just pop off the top part of the orb attachment and voila –– an empty atomizer ready for whatever concentrate you’ve got.

Once you’ve loaded the pen and set the battery output to your preferred setting, all that’s left is to hold the button and inhale. The battery color will change to indicate the amount of power remaining, but other than choosing an atomizer, the loading and operating process for the SOURCE Orb 4 is refreshingly simple and quick.

Vaping with the SOURCE Orb 4

Vaping with the SOURCE Orb 4
The SOURCE Orb 4 consistently delivers a strong and effective vaping performance paired with very simple functionality. I had a lot of fun adjusting the ventilation air holes that are on either side of the orb attachment. There are five on each side and a smooth metal slat that covers up the amount of holes you want, allowing you to customize your airflow. I love the level of customization SOURCEvapes allows for such a simple device. Adjusting the air holes with my chosen atomizer made for the ideal vape experience, as the Orb 4’s powerful battery allows for full and flavorful hits.

The battery changing colors to indicate lower energy levels was a nice and subtle way to keep me aware of how much longer my pen had while in use. Its performance is pretty strong, as I went through multiple vape sessions with this pen for about two days or so before needing to charge the unit, but keep in mind that this was with really constant use.

I experienced a very strong high, especially for a vape pen, which is a testament to the powerful battery performance. During my time with the Orb 4, I found myself blowing clouds and tasting my delicious UW shatter with ease, whether I was on the couch or walking around town, and that flexibility and overall simplicity makes the Orb 4 fun and easy to use, no worries attached.

Our Verdict

The SOURCE Orb 4 vape pen
The SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit and Coil-less Vape Pen provides a great vaping experience. SOURCEvapes goes beyond the call of duty by providing each kit with six high-quality atomizers, plus adjustable ventilation holes. You have a lot of customization options without worrying about any confusing setup thanks to the single-button functionality and magnetic atomizer chamber lock.

Simply put, this pen just works, which is what anybody should be looking for in a solid vape pen. I never felt like I had to worry about whether I put enough or too much concentrate in or if there would still be some juice left in the battery to efficiently vape everything. Each session with the SOURCE Orb 4 left me very stoned and very satisfied.

As for the pricing, I feel like $99.95 is a steal for both the simple yet powerful performance of the pen and the amount of extras the kit comes with. Whether you’re looking for a vape pen for the first time or if you’ve been looking to add one to your collection, do yourself a favor and check out the SOURCE Orb 4 vape pen.

Have you tried the SOURCE Orb 4? If so, leave a review on our products page!

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Darren Harris

Darren is a former data support specialist at Leafly, where he specialized in products and brands.

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  • daddy469 469

    Garbage! DO NOT BUY! Lots of options, but they are ALL CRAP. I have a verified purchase, and verified emails where they are LITERALLY REPLACING all pieces! DO NOT BUY!

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can put it together ONE time, then the bottom orb piece cuts that “plastic” thing at the bottom It CUTS IT WITH THE Atomizer, and THIS IS BY DESIGN AND THERE IS no way around it. The tighter you make it (even a little) cuts the valve!

    Sure, customer support is awesome, they will replace anything, but PREPARE TO WAIT.

    DO NOT BUY this!!!!!!. You will regret it, but You’ll love it for a week.

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For 1/2 the cost you can have ANYTHING ELSE! Do not buy!

    I’m sorry, great idea, but DO NOT BUY! I will post on youtube and SHOW you where the failure is ON EVERY SINGLE ORB. I have 2, 1 I bought, crap on arrival, magnet broke in 3 places. And one that CLEARLY SHOWS the valve sliced (again) and ~ $60 OF Washington’s finest inside the battery. DO NOT BUY!

    Please let this company fail so their design can be implemented with a valve THAT WON’T SLICE APART EVERY TIME IT IS USED.
    I can’t wait for the “whatever loser i’m getting one anyway posts”. But as long as you post 2 weeks afterwards – cool!

    DO NOT BUY, and I’ll bet sourcevapes sent the 4 to review, because you’ll need at least 2 of the bottom pieces to test atomozers.

    DO NOT BUY and please request pics!!!!

    Remember, their customer service is AWESOME, because their model appears to be, make you mad, realize you have no recourse, and GIVE UP. I have put in complains with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the company that sold it to me.

    DO NOT BUY, or if you do – You WILL need it.

    Oh, and if you have good luck with this product, use it more than twice a week


    • Hi Michael,

      If you’re having the bottom of your SOURCE orb 4 cutting your atomizer gaskets, send us an email and we’ll get that replaced for you right away.

      Your SOURCE orb 4 Attachment is fully covered by our Lifetime Warranty, and that sounds like you have a slight defect on your bottom connector. Let us know and we’ll get you back vaping in no time!

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  • Mitchell Wichter

    This company makes you fill out a bunch of paperwork if your pen doesn’t work properly and you want a refund or exchange. The paperwork is designed to make you stop the filling process and give up. THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN AN INSURANCE COMPANY THAT DOESN’T PAY OUT ON CLAIMS. I love their product but hate their customer service. One can only hope the company gets slapped across the face with the same treatment they give their customers.

  • Jantzen Minton


    The product is great. The company that makes it is ABSOLUTE TRASH. I ordered a handful of chargers (lost mine and SV batteries are not compatible with any other charger) and paid for priority shipping to be delivered to a location where I was working out of town. 2 days later it came to my attention that the “loss-prevention department would need a copy of my bank statement proving I had made the purchase. Irritated, I wrote them an email (because they dont have a phone number) asking them to cancel my order and refund my money. Instead, they just went ahead and shipped it. I asked if they could at least have it overnighted due to the inconvenience. They declined but told me they would send me a tracking number. They didnt. 3 days later the package still hasnt arrived so I request that tracking number… As it turns out, package not due to arrive for another four days. Original purchase made 12/13 with an extra $20 for priority shipping and my purchase is set to arrive on 12/22 when I’ll be 3 states away from the shipping address. I’m really not one to write reviews, positive or negative, but this was easily THE WORST shopping experience ive ever had. Buy an APXwax instead. They use a micro-USB to charge and are very dependable.