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Roll a better blunt with Al Capone blunt wraps

Al Capone ...My Way.
Presented ByAl Capone ...My Way.Published on September 30, 2022
This article is sponsored by Al Capone. Image courtesy of Al Capone.

Easy-rolling & slow-burning, Al Capone wraps are designed just for blunt smokers.

Blunt smokers tend to be loyalists. You have your go-to wraps and you’d go to bat for why they make the best roll and smoke. If your brand’s Al Capone, you already know why their slow-burning, all-natural leaf wraps are built different. If you rep another brand, allow us to make the case for why Al Capone’s intentionally crafted blunt wraps could just win your top spot.

In the business of cigarillos and cigars since the 1990s, Al Capone set its sights on making the perfect blunt wrap and released their natural leaf wraps in 2016 after coming directly to blunt enthusiasts for research & development. The result is a wrap that’s finely calibrated to the needs of the blunt smoker.

We got hands-on with all three of Al Capone’s wrap varieties—Original, Cognac, and Rum—to show why they’re set up to win over even the most dedicated diehards.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

The wrap

There’s an art to rolling a good blunt, and success begins with the quality of the wrap.

Al Capone started working on their specially designed blunt wraps after seeing an uptick in demand for an all-natural wrap. The 100% natural leaf wraps are individually packaged to protect against the major enemy of every smooth blunt roll: staleness. Picture every brittle, cracked wrap you’ve ever broken up, and then picture the exact opposite. These wraps are fresh out of the pouch, with a silky texture and a genuinely stretchy feel.

They’re pre-cut to just the right size so there’s no fooling around after you tear the pouch. The leaves are soft and elastic without thick veins that get in the way of a tight, smooth roll. Right out of the package, we even wondered if a wrap could be too fresh—Al Capones are so silky, at first, we weren’t sure if we’d have enough structure to be able to shape the herb in the wrap easily—but like magic, a few seconds in the open air and the wrap is the ideal texture for a beautiful roll. 

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They’re so flexible and easy to work with, it’s hard to believe they’re also the only wraps in the game with a double leaf, but those are the facts! And the proof is in the slow burn the double wrap delivers.

The roll

Good wraps have got to be functional, so how do Al Capone’s roll up? A sweet-spot combination of stretchy, soft, and strong, the wraps handle well, with just enough structure to sit nicely between your fingers as you shape your herb and to roll smoothly as you tuck the leaf. The wraps roll well whether you use a crutch or filter or not, so choose your own adventure there.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

Experienced blunt smokers and newbies alike will appreciate another detail that sets Al Capone wraps apart: their natural self-adhesive strip. Nothing’s more annoying than rolling up a nicely packed blunt for the rotation just for it to fail to seal up properly. Not a factor with Al Capone. Finish off your roll by peeling off the strip and pressing it down for a tight, reliable seal that’s built for the laps this blunt will be doing during its super slow burn.

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Pro tip: In our tests, we found the ideal time to peel back the strip is after you’ve started your roll—at this point, with the blunt balanced in your two hands, it’s easy to grab and peel back the strip with your mouth and then finish the final twist.

The smoke

Really, when it comes to a wrap’s quality, it’s all about the smoke. With Al Capone wraps, two words sum it up: smooth & slow.

To test how Al Capone wraps light up, we rolled each of the brand’s varieties with a different strain. For blunt smokers, flavors can make or break a wrap. Some smokers swear by a brand because they have a wrap flavor they love, and others prefer only the most natural flavor they can get their hands on. Al Capone’s flavored varieties, Cognac & Rum, could easily become the reason you reach for these wraps at the store.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

Cognac, with its subtle maltiness, and Rum, with its light-fruit aroma, are both built not to overpower—with each, there’s a nice sweetness out of the pouch that doesn’t overwhelm your nose or the aroma of your cannabis. Original lacks some of that sweetness, but if you favor a natural wrap, it’s fresh with all the right notes and really lets your herb’s dankness take center stage.

Once burning, we found that all three varieties blended well with the herb with a subtle, balanced effect, one where you could taste the natural leaf wrap along with the unique notes of the strain. While lesser wraps can have a harsh smoke or overpower you with heavy flavors, Al Capone wraps are smooth, smooth, smooth.

Thanks to the double leaf and the fact that these wraps are so easy to get a good roll out of, you can expect a nice, long burn. For party-sized rotations where the blunt has to hold up through a lot of passes, these are the wraps we’d want. If you’re on your own, the slow-burning, smooth smoke these wraps deliver is luxe enough to make you feel like you’re celebrating.

Al Capone’s in your pocket

If you’ve got a blunt wrap brand you swear by, consider this your challenge to see how Al Capone wraps stack up. If you’re new to the world of blunts, these easy-rolling wraps would be an ideal place to start. They’re easy to find, so head to a store near you or stock up online

Disclaimer: WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical” 

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