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Are rosin vape carts going to take over the market? You better hope so.

Presented ByThe+SourcePublished on August 31, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
CAMP rosin carts in Nevada eschew solvents volatile entirely. (Courtesy of The+Source)
This article is sponsored by The+Source. Cutting-edge CAMP rosin carts in Nevada eschew volatile solvents like butane entirely. (Courtesy of The+Source)

CAMP’s award-winning solvent-less rosin carts are here to blow your mind

Vape carts do not have the best reputation among cannabis aficionados. Yes, they get you high, but many folks would say they don’t really get you stoned like traditional flower or dabbing. Vaping made its name on convenience and discretion, but if you’re in the market for a profoundly loud experience, vape carts can’t really compare to the other oil and concentrate options on the market. Well, CAMP and their three ground-breaking styles of rosin carts are here to change your mind.

More than just oil in those carts

A lot of the issues associated with vaping had to do with the shortcomings of the technology itself. In order for a cartridge to work, the oil inside needs to be viscous enough to flow through the cart to the heat source and maintain that viscosity until the bitter end. Distilled cannabis oil is not naturally viscous enough for this, so thinning agents are often added to the oil to ensure it stays an acceptable consistency. 

We don’t yet know the long-term effects of consuming many of these thinning agents, but we do know that certain thinning agents, like vitamin e acetate, have a history of making people seriously ill. Beyond any safety concerns, they also negatively impact the quality of the cannabis oil. Remember, the sign of a safe and quality oil can be determined by how closely it reflects the flower and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see many (any) cannabis plants out there with high percentages of propylene glycol in their chemistry. It’s really just best to avoid them whenever possible.

No thinning agents? No problem. Through their proprietary extraction process, CAMP is able to bring the highest quality rosin oil to your vape pen — free of solvents and thinning agents. It’s just one of the many reasons rosin vape carts are fire.

As close to flower as you can get

Photo courtesy of The+Source

When you consume quality cannabis flower, you are getting that sweet full-spectrum experience as you have access to all of the compounds that plant has to offer. A high-quality oil will offer that same full-spectrum chemistry because the extractor didn’t lose important compounds in the process. Creating quality cannabis concentrates is an art — there are 400+ compounds in cannabis and each one of them is at risk of being destroyed in the extraction process.

Quality-wise, rosin is as good as it gets in the cannabis concentrates scene.

Firstly, no solvents are used in its production — just a little heat and pressure to melt those beautiful trichomes right off the plant. So, when it comes to flavor and effect, rosin is as close to the flower as you can get, offering the consumer the purest experience of the cannabis flower. Secondly, the process of making rosin ensures that as many of those compounds are preserved through extraction, so you get a full-spectrum experience and taste that will impress even the most sophisticated cannabis palate.

One of the main reasons extractors do not process rosin is because using solvents is simply more efficient. Just like growers choosing not to grow a specific cultivar because it does not yield what they want (even if the high is good), extractors will choose an extraction method that produces a higher yield of oil, keeping costs down and profits up. If someone is making rosin, a labor-intensive process, you can bet that they really really appreciate cannabis and know that there’s just nothing else quite like it.

It’s a labor of love and a specialty that, when done right, delivers an amazing experience! And don’t you want to consume products that were created with this kind of appreciation? 

All for rosin and rosin for all

Camp rosin carts

CAMP’s rosin carts are definitely a labor of love and their creator, Aaron Nino, has three styles for you to check out. “We’ve created three different types of rosin cartridge products which are all extracted utilizing heat, pressure, and in some cases water.”

His ‘beginner’s cart’ is rosin that is simply created from pressing fresh flower. “It provides a flavorful combination of freshly squeezed terpenes and fresh resin heads,” Nino says.

A level above this cartridge is the hash rosin cart. Instead of pressing fresh flower, the flower is first processed with water and turned into hash (separating the trichome heads from the plant). The trichome heads are then collected and pressed into rosin. This creates a cleaner product, as plant matter has been removed from the extraction process.

Lastly, there is the live rosin cart. “The live rosin cart is created utilizing the freshest flower that is flash frozen immediately after being harvested from the plant,” explains Nino. “Flash freezing the plant this way preserves the premature resin heads and captures, in my opinion, the truest terpene profile that accurately depicts the flower’s flavonoids.” In short, this is how cannabis concentrates is supposed to taste and feel.

So, if you are in the market for a quality oil, be sure to check out the rosin carts the next time you stop by The+Source. They have everything you need to take your vaping game to the next level. After trying one of CAMP’s offerings, I’d be shocked if you wanted anything else in your cart.

Presented ByThe+Source
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