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How STIIIZY uses cannabis-derived terpenes to drive authenticity

Presented BySTIIIZYPublished on December 20, 2019 · Last updated September 30, 2020
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(Courtesy of Stiiizy)

This article is brought to you by STIIIZY, providing customers with true full-spectrum extracts with cannabis-derived terpenes and liquid live resin. 

Cannabis users searching for authentic products in today’s landscape have a few different things they have to look out for. Not only do they need to check the ingredients in their products, but also the way those products were extracted and the care with which they were formulated.

STIIIZY proactively provides its customers with the information they need to interpret authenticity by maintaining focus on the essential ingredient: cannabis. Their new line of private reserve products were made for cannabis connoisseurs searching for the purest hits they can get.

Why STIIIZY made premium products with cannabis-derived terpenes

As the world has learned more about cannabis, it’s come to understand the value of the interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids. STIIIZY has demonstrated this understanding with their private reserve one-ingredient products that give customers access to their rotation of true full-spectrum cannabis extracts.

While it may seem like a no-brainer that STIIIZY uses cannabis-derived terpenes in their products, it’s actually not as common a practice as you might think. Though many cannabis brands understand that it’s vital for terpenes to be present, their products don’t always contain terpenes that come from cannabis. But with STIIIZY, that simply isn’t the story. That’s because they knew that if they were going to have a private reserve, they’d have to be choosy on behalf of their customers.

With the cannabis-derived terpene and liquid live resin pods, consumers never have to doubt the origins of their terpenes because STIIIZY made the intentional choice to re-introduce cannabis terpenes only – meaning there’s nothing to detract from the power of cannabis and unique tastes and flavors that make up each strain.

“At STIIIZY, we always strive to produce the highest quality and innovative products for our consumers.  Cannabis-derived terpenes preserve the natural terpene profile of each strain to deliver optimum synergy in both flavor and potency,” says Jackie Kim of STIIIZY.

With so many impactful ingredients from the plant itself, there’s no mistaking that the entourage effect experienced by STIIIZY consumers is authentic to the cannabis plant, and nothing else.

Small batch products, big cannabis flavor

STIIIZY’s small and limitedbatch products help them maintain control over the quality and variety of their products. By doing this, they are continually capturing the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles of seasonal strains and getting them straight into consumers’ hands, like with their Liquid Live Resin Pods.

Each pod comes in three different strains that resin lovers can easily carry and enjoy. Using a flash-freeze manufacturing technique, STIIIZY focuses on getting all the goodness of fresh flower directly into the pod in strains like Pineapple, Sunset Sherbert, and Jack Herer. Every hit contains the unmistakable taste of cannabis because that’s all it is. And to STIIIZY, that’s what matters most.

With everything consumers need to start enjoying true full-spectrum cannabis products out on shelves now, STIIIZY is sending a strong message: consumers deserve authentic cannabis products that fit seamlessly into their authentic lifestyles.

Presented BySTIIIZY
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