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Sweet Talk nano gummies are instant day brighteners you can take anywhere

Sweet Talk
Presented BySweet TalkPublished on July 28, 2022 · Last updated August 10, 2022
This article is sponsored by Sweet Talk. Image courtesy of Sweet Talk.

These treats from Trulieve spark joy in just 15 minutes.

Instant rays of sunshine: now pocket-sized. Sweet Talk’s colorful cannabis confections, available in a rainbow of classic flavors, are fast-acting, temptingly tasty, and game-changing gummies. Just one vibrant little bite can cut through a tedious routine with just a sprinkle of euphoria for that adult-in-a-candy-shop feeling. (It’s a lot like being a kid in a candy shop, but you have many more exciting choices.)

These playful treats are backed by Trulieve, a top-shelf cannabis company with roots in the medical space. You don’t have to abandon responsible, grown-up choices to get that spontaneous sense of wonder—and because of Trulieve’s cutting-edge chemistry (and a little magic), you get that feeling almost instantaneously. Who knew innovation could look this cute?

Sweet Talk cannabis confections launched on Valentine’s Day 2022, and they won the hearts of sweet-tooths throughout Florida, Massachusetts, and soon-to-be, Maryland. They’re vibrantly flavored, craveable treats combined with quality cannabis and smart science. What’s not to love?

These gummies pack a lot of power into adorable little shapes, and, being both delicious and extremely effective edibles, are perfect itty-bitty day brighteners. Here’s what makes them so special. 

Life’s too short for delayed gratification

Image courtesy of Sweet Talk.

Most edibles can kick in a full one-to-two, sluggish hours later, and sometimes when you least expect it. Sweet Talk’s sugary snacks take effect in as little as 15 minutes, so you can keep living in the moment.

How long do edibles take to kick in?

The trick is a process called nanoemulsion, which helps you get the most out of your cannabis. Trulieve’s TruNano Technology offers consistency in dosing and better absorption for a reliably good time. The short version is that certain itty-bitty cannabis molecules are water-soluble, and absorb into your system more quickly and efficiently. It has nearly 95% bioavailability—meaning your body can make the most out of what you put in it.

Sweet Talk’s sugary snacks take effect in as little as 15 minutes, so you can keep living in the moment.

If you’re in it for reduced stress or just a little fun, this just gets you on your way faster, but if you’re a medical patient, it means getting fast, effective relief from a smaller amount of cannabis. Either way, nanoemulsion will transform and deepen your relationship with cannabis, whether it’s in a low-key tincture or your sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

A rainbow of fruit flavors

Image courtesy of Sweet Talk.

The fruity flavors of Sweet Talk’s gummies are enough to make any candy shop jealous. A wide variety of core flavors let your tastebuds follow their bliss—while rotating seasonal options give you something new to discover.

Flavors vary by state, but expect classic, nostalgic, and creative flavors alike. They’ve been known to show up in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Orange Peach, Guava Passionfruit, Watermelon Key Lime, and Cherry Yuzu. With so many flavors to choose from, you’ll find something to match your vibe.

Mixing it up

Image courtesy of Sweet Talk.

It’s like when you and your bestie team up:

The cannabis extraction wizards at Blue River have been cooking up something special with Sweet Talk—something for those who want a little more than THC. These gummies feature precise blends of THC and another special cannabinoid, like CBN.

Blending cannabinoids together not only creates additional effects, but augmented effects. It’s like when you and your bestie team up: You each bring your own thing to the table, but you both bring out the best in each other, too. 

These solventless CBN capsules put THC in the back seat

Every element of the cannabis plant works together to create a unique result—a phenomenon that scientists call the “entourage effect.” 

Curious? These candies are the perfect way to explore what these combos can do. Keep an eye out for these special THC/CBD and THC/CBN gummies at your local dispensary.

Powered by Trulieve

Image courtesy of Sweet Talk.

These confectionery delights are tasty on the outside, but they’re just as charming on the inside, too. Founded as an educational and practical resource for medical cannabis patients, Trulieve creates exceptionally trustworthy products, hand-grown without the use of harmful chemicals, backed by the latest scientific innovations. Compassionate care is still central to their mission, and their reliability and deep cannabis knowledge extends to everyone who benefits from cannabis. There’s no need to sacrifice fun for effectiveness—or reliability for joy.

Go get yourself a little sugar. You know you want some.

Follow Sweet Talk to stay updated on all their latest news & product releases and never miss a chance to treat yourself. Find Sweet Talk on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sweet Talk
Presented BySweet Talk
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