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The Leafly Strain Reviews Hall of Fame: Dancing Donuts Are the Best Kind of Donuts

Published on October 31, 2014 · Last updated November 10, 2022

Happy Halloween, Leafly strain reviewers! We’re bringing you a special, spooky edition of funny, weird, disturbing, and creepy strain reviews – enjoy! Have a creepy-crawly, spooky-scary, fun and freaky Halloween!

OG Kush

Sometimes a strain will make you philosophical, which leads you to contemplation of your own mortality, which you are inevitably okay with…..because you’re totally high.

Made me see my own skeleton, and think about how I would die and decompose into an empty skeleton. Things are good.

Jack Herer

Stanley Kubrick’s ghost approved of this strain review.

this strain is like a movie.. my eyes are the lens of the camera and the ghost of Stanley Kubrick is directing the film he never got the chance to do. buy this strain.  

Super Lemon Haze

Well, that escalated quickly (as it often does when tequila is involved…)

Kicks you right in the ass if paired with tequila. And by kicked in the ass i mean set on fire and dancing naked.  

Sour Diesel

Did Sour Diesel make you a zombie? Make you see zombies? Make you crave brains?

Zombies !(◎_◎;) Sour deadly  

Death Star


My brain feels like a magnet to my metal skull.  

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

Wish I’d thought of that costume – Mmmmm…..professional dancing donut….

picture donuts… but they’re professional dancers.

Afghan Kush

This is definitely NOT a strain to be smoking on Halloween when all the creeps are already out creeping.

I kept seeing silhouettes of monsters creep out of the woods, and I saw two different apparitions and a dead body pinned to a tree! …worth another shot if you’re not in some creepy woods at night.  

Blue Cheese

Light those little spiders on fire! A horrifying (and yet strangely intriguing) image.

It is an interesting looking strain. Like creepy little fingers… When reaching in my bag to grab some to pack, if I am not looking, I can get freaked out because the nugs remind me of baby spiders. EW! But…worth it when you light those little spiders on fire!  

Honorable Mention Review for Sour Diesel

This has nothing to do with Halloween, but it was too funny not to include:

Instructions not clear Dick stuck in fan

I don’t….I mean…..wat. HOW? WHY?

photo credit (resized): Ferminius via photopincc

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