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State of the Leaf: Montana Dispensaries Shut Down in Droves

Arizona's adult-use legalization measure qualifies for November ballot, Israel begins clinical autism study, and where are the Nevada prohibitionists?

It’s Official: Legalization Measure Makes the Arizona Ballot

An initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use will be on November's ballot after the state Supreme Court rejected a final legal challenge to the measure.

Arizona Cannabis Opponents Take Fight to Supreme Court

Opponents of an initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana are urging the state Supreme Court to block the measure from November's ballot.

Arizona Judge Rejects Challenge to Legal Cannabis Initiative

A Maricopa County judge threw out all the reasons opponents laid out for keeping the initiative off the ballot.

State of the Leaf: Michigan Asks, ‘What Counts as a Cannabis Plant?’

Montana group seeks to undo state's MMJ law, California makes moves to limit police property seizures, and Chris Christie's back in the cannabis spotlight.

Arizona Cannabis Opponents Urge Judge to Kill Ballot Initiative

Campaign backers call the lawsuit a desperate attempt to keep voters from having the right to vote to legalize small amounts of cannabis.

State of the Leaf: Arizona Adult-Use Cannabis Measure Makes November Ballot

California's adult-use campaign is heating up, Maryland makes progress after long delays, and Dutch authorities can't keep up with illegal grows.

Leafly List: The Top Cannabis Dispensaries in Arizona, August 2016

The August 2016 Leafly List for Arizona is a data-based, community-sourced ranking that consumers use to find the best cannabis dispensaries in their area.

State of the Leaf: Maryland Lawmaker Wants a Piece of MMJ Program He Helped Pass

Arizona advocates are fighting to keep a legalization measure on the ballot, Hawaii dispensaries are in a holding pattern, and Uruguay just crowned its cannabis champions.

Judge to Hear Challenge to Arizona Legalization Initiative

An attorney for the initiative says the lawsuit is likely to fail because opponents are on thin legal ground.

Leafly List: The Top Cannabis Dispensaries in North America, July 2016

The Leafly List ranks the top cannabis dispensaries and retail stores in major US and Canada cannabis markets every month.

State of the Leaf: With Legalization on Horizon, California Turns to Water Restrictions

Cannabis advocates and opponents are waging campaign battles across the country, Hawaii allows nurses to recommend MMJ, and Maine tables cannabis as a treatment for opioid addiction.

Anti-Marijuana Campaign Files Suit to Block Arizona Legalization

The suit was brought by 13 groups and individuals including Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk.

Arizona’s Top Court Affirms ‘Plain Smell’ Doctrine for Cannabis

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the smell of growing cannabis constitutes probable cause for a search warrant. Here's what that means.

710 Degree Cup

U.S. News Updates Alaska Cannabis social clubs have existed in a legal gray area since the state legalized cannabis for adult use in 2014. But…

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