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Chalice California

July 7th-9th Chalice California Chalice was born out of the dream to combine the best elements of festivals and cannabis […]

Roll With It: Creative Joint Artists Showcase Their Best Work

The art of joint rolling has become a fun yet competitive game in the cannabis world. We showcase the best of the best!

Who Is Tony Greenhand? A Day in the Life of the World’s Greatest Joint Roller

Tony Greenhand is the greatest joint roller in the world. Spend a day with him as he rolls us a 2.5-ounce smokable sculpture of Mike Tyson eating an avocado.

In Photos: The Evolution of a Tony Greenhand Joint

Tony Greenhand is the world's greatest joint roller. Watch his 2.5-ounce smokable sculpture of Mike Tyson come together in this photo gallery.

Seattle Artist Ten Hundred Walks Us Through His Colorful World

Seattle artist Ten Hundred talks about his colorful creations, his plans for the future, and his relationship with the cannabis industry.

Cool and Artistic Bongs with an Expensive Price Tag

If your pockets are itching to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, check out these cool, artistic, but very expensive high-end bongs.

Marvel at These Gorgeous Cannabis Pictures

Enjoy this wondrous display of cannabis and marvel over how nature and man have collaborated to create an array of products with life-changing effects.

Altered State: Marijuana in California

At one Northern California museum, an in-depth exhibition hopes to be a "catalyst for conversation" as the state prepares to vote on recreational legalization.

The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Toronto

Leafly’s guide to The Six, complete with top cannabis dispensaries, requisite Drake references, and all the best places to hang, chill, eat, shop, and laugh in Toronto, Canada.

ShowGrow LA’s Turnt Art Show

Saturday, April 30 Opening Gallery Exhibit & Reception Join ShowGrow at at their LA location for an evening of art! […]

The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Oakland

Oakland is an incredible place for cannabis tourism. Check out Leafly's definitive 4:20 to 4:20 travel guide to the best things for cannabis connoisseurs to do in The Town.

The Best Things to Do While High in D.C.: Leafly’s 4:20 to 4:20 Cannabis Travel Guide

As the only East Coast locale where recreational consumption of cannabis is permitted, the opportunities for 420-friendly cannabis tourism in Washington D.C. are nigh endless.

The Best Things to Do in Portland While High: Leafly’s 4:20 to 4:20 Cannabis Travel Guide

From a soaking pool in an old schoolhouse to donuts made by robots, Portland is among the most unique cities on the cannabis map. Here's the best way to spend 24 elevated hours here.

Cannapics: 7 Stunning Images of Cannabis Joints

We scoured the web for the most visually stunning photos of cannabis joints so you don't have to.

The Shake: Falsified Drug Tests, The Trump vs. The Bern, and Flint’s Water Crisis

In other news: Oakland welcomes a cannabis art show, Trudeau lets down Canadians, and a pair of Portland dispensaries want to give part of your purchase to a presidential candidate.