Massachusetts artists represent their state with weed rolling trays

Published on September 17, 2021 · Last updated September 24, 2021
photo of three colorful rolling trays from Massachusetts

To say that that Massachussettians are proud would be an understatement. Bay Staters will tell you stories of Massachusetts’ beautiful geography, grit, and tight-knit community, and the artists that hail from here are no different.

Leafly had the chance to sit down (virtually) with the five artists who are a part of our latest rolling tray collab. Here’s what they each had to say about creating and their great state.

Adam O’Day

Adam O'Day custom rolling tray
Tray art by Adam O’Day for Leafly

Adam’s reflection and introspection are clear when you look at his work. Familiar places are brought to life with a mix of colors that bring the energy of a place alive on canvas.

Describing his inspiration, he puts it in two categories: observational and emotional. “The inspiration comes from life, the things I see that I want to challenge myself to capture with paint marks. And then I take what I’ve learned from observation, and apply it to my more imaginative series.”

Adam is a lifelong Massachusetts artist and believes in the power of community. He tells us that, “being a Massachussetts artist means that we work hard and we treat it like a team sport. You can’t do it alone here.”

Check out Adam at and on IG at @adam_oday

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Ambrojah Williams

Photo of rolling tray by Ambrojah Williams
Custom rolling tray art by Ambrojah Williams for Leafly

Ambrojah brings the heat with unbothered, unapologetic feminist themes and femme bodies. To make these incredible works, Ambrojah said, “It’s all about setting the vibe.” And set the vibe she does – with everything from candles, good music, and sometimes a little bit of that good good to settle into her creative process.

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A self-described Boston girl, she loves the city for the melting pot of culture that it is. “The art contributes to the cultural energy of the city. It brings people together in small ways. It’s in the little details, whether it’s the brick walls, museums, or awesome schools. It’s small and everyone is connected.”

Check out Ambrojah at and on IG at @ambrojah

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Chris DeLorenzo

Rolling tray from Chris Delorenzo
Custom rolling tray from Chris DeLorenzo for Leafly

Chris brings a work ethic that shines through his art. The details and the colors leave no stoned unturned in portraying his artistic energy. He believes that as an artist the hard, yet rewarding moments don’t ever stop. He describes the lessons he’s learned as projects that are hard but you can feel good about it at the end which he states, “is usually every project.”

Once Chris took the leap to pursue art full-time, he realized the benefits and challenges of creating your own milestones and how there’s nothing quite like art to break down your ego.

Looking to others he eventually knew he had to do it for himself saying, “If you look for someone else for a template, you really just find somebody else, and therefore you’re already behind.” For him, Massachusetts is unlike any other place because it offers true balance whether it be in seasons or activities.

Check out Chris at and on IG at @chrisdelorenzo

Mattaya Fitts

Custom rolling tray by Mataya Fitts
Custom rolling tray by Mataya Fitts for Leafly

Mattaya brings all the right feelings in her work that showcases femme energy of all varieties and emotions, which makes sense for someone who’s always been an artist. “Every artist says they’ve always been an artist, but it’s kind of like that though,” she says.

Making art in some way since her early days, she didn’t decide to take art seriously until well after getting her degree in it. Mattaya found herself in a desk job and only getting fulfillment through the side hustle which was creating.

Another self-described through and through Boston girl, she believes that, “to be a Boston artist to be a part of a small community of artists.” And no matter where she travels in the world she will always represent the Boston art scene.

Check out Mattaya at and on IG at @mattayafitts

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Daniel Benayun

Custom rolling tray by Daniel Benayun
Custom rolling tray by Daniel Benayun

Daniel brings decisiveness and charm that shines through his work. As an artist since kindergarten, he been inspired by comics books and old European advertising. His original works are truly one-of-a-kind.

Benayun came to this distinct style through the help of mentorship and a Ba Mitzvah that provided him the funds to take a trip to the Alps – exposing him to the lifelong pursuit of art.

Describing himself as “disenchanted with the gatekeeping of the art world”, Daniel believes in artists making their own way in this new digital age. Although he’s not currently smoking the THC, he uses CBD as a part of his routine to get those sweet ZZZ’s he needs to keep creating.

Check out Daniel at and on IG @daniel_benayun_

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