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Yes Please! Amy Poehler’s Hilarious Cannabis Memories

Leslie Knope may have shied away from cannabis (minus the occasional "insanely good" brownie), but the very funny and talented Amy Poehler is no stranger to it.

Why We Wish Beyoncé Would Be More Vocally Pro-Cannabis

An endorsement of legalization from Beyoncé that touches on the disproportionate number of arrests for African Americans could bring a new audience to the issue.

Watch This: Arnold Schwarzenegger Smokes a Victory Joint

Arnold’s video appearance at the DNC rang a few bells here at Leafly. Video… video… wasn’t Arnold in another video a while back?

Willie Nelson’s Cannabis Company Is Now Hiring

The country music legend and longtime cannabis advocate is looking to hire five new employees for his fledgling brand, Willie’s Reserve.

Why You ‘Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt,’ According to Smoke DZA

Donald Trump is not the cannabis candidate. Not, at least, if your litmus test is the leanings of hip-hop stars who stir cannabis in with their politics.

Watch This: Conan O’Brien Hits the Vape and Plays Mario Kart With Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

To promote the release of Neighbors 2 on May 20th, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron challenged Conan O'Brien to a rousing game of Mario Kart 8 with some frat boy stakes.

Celebrate 10 Famous 4/20 Birthdays With These Strain Pairings

It's 4/20! We took some famous folks who call April 20 their birthday, wrote them down, and assigned them a strain of their very own.

10 Celebs Who Share Their Names with Cannabis Strains

In honor of Oscar Week 2016, we've compiled 10 celebrities who share their famous names with cannabis strains. From actors to musicians to comedians, see who made the A-list.

Tommy Chong Endorses Trump! (Just Kidding, He’s Feeling the Bern)

In the least shocking news of the week, the coveted endorsement of everyone’s favorite canna-celebrity has gone to none other than Bernie Sanders.

David Bowie: A Tribute to the Starman

David Bowie, a musical icon whose talents spanned the past four-plus decades, left us with one of the most iconic cannabis arrest mugshots in the history of the plant.

7 Celebrities With Their Own Line of Cannabis Products

Here are seven musicians that are either planning to launch their own line of cannabis products or have already debuted their infused merchandise to the public.

Paul McCartney Replacing Cannabis with Alcohol to “Set an Example” for His Grandkids

Sir Paul McCartney recently told The Daily Mirror that he quit using cannabis to "set an example" for his grandchildren and will now instead have a glass of wine or a "nice margarita."

Wait, Who? 7 People You Probably Wouldn’t Guess Have Used Cannabis

Cannabis users come in all forms and personalities. These 7 people may surprise some folks who have a pre-conceived notion of how a cannabis user looks and acts.