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Dispensary Next Conference and Expo

July 17 – 18 Dispensary Next Conference and Expo DispensaryNext is a 2-day conference & expo focused on the next […]

Indo Expo Denver

Saturday & Sunday, January 28th & 29th The Denver Mart The Indo Expo Denver Trade Show looks to assist in […]

First US Rules for Cannabis in Public Fire up Debate in Denver

City officials had to double the size of the room to accommodate the crowd, and a question board filled quickly with subjects such as "Hours of operation?"

Leafly Investigation: How Much Butane in BHO is Too Much?

Allowed limits of residual solvents in Colorado cannabis concentrates will increase significantly in 2017. Is it worth worrying?

Top Cannabis Education Centers: Where to Go When You Want To Know

Interested in joining the cannabis industry? These are the top-rated schools for cannabis students, from novice to expert.

Colorado Planning Crackdown on Homegrown Cannabis

Hoping to preserve its cannabis law under the next president, Colorado plans to crack down on cannabis grown legally but then sold on the black market.

Drug War Prisoners 1 & 2: The True Story of Two Drifters Who Became Cannabis Pioneers

The American government's war on cannabis began at 3 a.m. on October 3, 1937, when Denver cops arrested Moses Baca. His crime had just been invented: marijuana possession.

Denver to Become First US City to Allow Cannabis in Bars, Yoga Studios

Voters passed a measure to allow on-site consumption at licensed establishments, but it will be months before Denver sees Amsterdam-style coffeeshops.

Crypto Cannabis Conference

Friday & Saturday, October 21st & 22nd Crypto Cannabis Conference The best minds in the cannabis industry, Discussing the pros […]

Social Cannabis Use Makes the Ballot in Denver

Denver will be voting this coming November on whether or not adults 21-and-older can socially consume cannabis at public establishments.

Vangst Cannabis Career Fair

Thursday, July 28 Denver, Colorado Come out for the cannabis industry’s largest career fair! With over 50 cannabis companies representing […]

The Science of Industrial Hemp Conference

Wednesday – Friday, July 27th – 29th Denver, Colorado Build a cohesive discussion, define the coming agenda, and develop forward […]

Two Public-Use Measures Compete for Ballot Space in Denver

Private cannabis consumption clubs could be coming to Denver — in some form, at least — thanks to two competing initiatives gunning to make it on November’s ballot.

Coincidence? 5 of 6 Hottest Housing Markets are in Cannabis-Legal States

Cannabis legality isn’t often considered a factor driving in-state migration. But maybe it should be.

Colorado Cannabis Critics Want to Ban up to 80 Percent of All Products

If the petition is successful, Amendment 139 would be the most significant attempt to roll back access to cannabis in any of the four states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

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