Watch This: 10 Problems Only Cannabis Smokers Understand

Here’s another stoney video from BuzzFeed titled “10 Problems Only Pot Smokers Understand,” where they, you guessed it, show relatable funny high moments that we’ve all experienced. Things like:

  • Impaired judgment, like those moments where you spend $200 on Amazon for new kitchenware despite the fact that you don’t even cook (hi)
  • Lighter thieves who ask to use yours, then disappear into the abyss with it (hi)
  • Freaking out when you get an unexpected phone call after a fresh 47 bong rips and your anxiety shoots through the roof (hi)

Also, if you get high and watch the video enough times, you’ll accidentally notice the well-played product placements (because we all get high, then leave opened packages of Oreo’s on the counter while eating an entire family-sized bag of Doritos or Lays, amirite?!).