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August 12th Hanfparade The cannabis parade is the largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine […]

Germany’s Green Rush Heats Up as Canadian Producer Expands Operations

The green rush in Germany is on, with a Canadian cannabis producer ready to spend millions to expand in the country ahead of the country’s launch of MMJ.

German Parliament Greenlights Plan for Cannabis Prescriptions

German lawmakers have approved legislation that would allow some patients to get cannabis as a prescription-only medication.

Despite Growing Demand, Dutch Health Insurers Dropping Cannabis Coverage

One of the biggest health insurers in the Netherlands announced last month that it will stop covering medical cannabis treatment.

At European Parliament Conference on Medical Cannabis, Ireland Takes Center Stage

One member of European Parliament called for legalization of medical cannabis across the continent.

Central European Legalization Efforts Gaining Political Support

Both the Czech Republic and the German city of Berlin could see the arrival of legal cannabis next year if efforts supported by political parties there gain traction.

Germany Leads Europe in Raids on Indoor Growing, Report Finds

The country sees more indoor-grow busts than any country worldwide after the US, despite a seed ban unusual among European nations.

Germany’s First Legal, Homegrown Cannabis Is Being Sown Now

The first German patient ever to receive permission to grow cannabis at home could also turn out to be the last under a new law that would curb home cultivation.

State of the Leaf: UK Says Goodbye to CBD—for Now

Idaho cannabis advocates look to qualify for next election, Illinois hits sales milestone, and say hello to Alaska's first legal cannabis stores!

Bongs Have an Image Problem in Europe. Here Are 6 Ways to Fix It

Europe has a history of blown-glass artistry that stretches back hundreds of years. So why do bongs still get a bad rap?

Cannabis Takes Leading Role in Berlin Elections

Berlin will vote for a new state Parliament and a new mayor on Sunday, and for the first time ever, cannabis is playing a role in the campaign.

Germany and Austria Are Pouring Billions into Cannabis Prohibition

Even in tolerant cities like Berlin, authorities have stepped up enforcement of cannabis prohibition. It's not working, and it costs taxpayers a bundle.

Leading by Example: A German Parent’s Experience with Medical Cannabis

"As a patient, I don't want to hide. As a parent, I don't want my children to inhale my smoke or vapor."

Hemp-Infused Beers a Hit Among European Palates

Cannabis and beer: Can they go together? In the heart of Europe, definitely.


Saturday, August 13th Berlin, Germany “Hanf” is German for hemp. The Hanfparade is the traditional and german-wide pro-Cannabis march in […]

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