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Fuel your sessions this season with holiday highlights at Verilife in Massachusetts

Presented ByVerilifePublished on November 22, 2022 · Last updated November 21, 2022
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Find top products and the deals you need to brighten your holidays at Verilife.

The holidays are here again! As you gather with friends and family and get ready to welcome the new year, Verilife dispensaries in Massachusetts have you covered with cannabis products worth celebrating. 

Verilife is pulling out all the stops this year to bring you holiday highlights you’ll love at prices that’ll make you merry.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the standout strains & products that are top contenders for our holiday stash-stocking this season. With a range of formats from premium flower to delectable edibles, there’s something for everyone on your list.

Verilife will be offering discounts on flower, vapes, edibles, and more throughout the holiday season, so check your local menu for the latest deals!

Read on to see some of our top picks at Verilife to add to your wishlist & gift list this season.

Magnitude Platinum Jack 1g vape cartridge

Magnitude prides itself on offering high-quality cartridges, strong enough to make the earth move under your feet. The blend of twice-refined, solvent-free distillate offered by Magnitude is third-party tested to ensure safety and potency, so you can rest easy.

One of the strains we’re excited to see from Magnitude this season is Platinum Jack, aka Jack Herer, the legendary strain named for the godfather of cannabis himself. This sativa-like hybrid descends from the haze family of strains, eliciting a cerebral, energizing high. With an appealing citrus scent with hints of pine, it even smells like the season.

matter. Intergalactic flower


With a reputation for its potency, Intergalactic from matter. is an indica-dominant strain ready to take seasoned explorers on a ride that’s out of this world. The citrusy, sweet strain is known to spark creativity, so it’s the ideal holiday companion when it comes to decorating, baking cookies, or crafting homemade gifts. Creativity isn’t the only thing Intergalactic inspires—consumers report it can give a serious lift to appetites, as well. Keep it handy for all your festive feasting this season.

matter. Cherry Cola gummy bites


These sweet treats from matter. are just the pick-me-up you need to de-stress during the holidays. As delicious as they are convenient, these 10mg THC gummies are made with emulsification technology, meaning you won’t have to wait very long to start feeling the euphoric effects. Pick some up from your local Verilife dispensary this holiday season to see what makes these gummies stand out from the pack.

#INFUSED pre-rolls 

The perfect pre-roll for potent holiday pulls, #INFUSED pre-rolls offer a blockbuster combo of premium flower and distillate to create some of the cleanest and most flavorful pre-rolls on the market. #INFUSED brand pre-rolls are available in a wide variety of top strains, so check out your local Veriflife menu to see if your favorite strain is in stock. A great gift for the true cannasseur in your life, #INFUSED pre-rolls are the definitive premium option this holiday.

matter. Galactic Punch 0.5g vape cartridge


When your holiday festivities take you on the go, matter.’s 0.5g cartridges are an essential you won’t want to leave behind. Galactic Punch is one of the strains we’re coveting most this season from matter. A hybrid with Galactica OG x Purple Punch lineage, Galactic Punch boasts a strong earthy, piney terpene profile. Its balanced effects make it just as at home while you’re out ice skating as it is when you’re cozying up for a movie marathon on the couch.

Click below to find the Verilife dispensary nearest you and stock your stash for a holiday season done right.

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