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Jeff Sessions

The Senate Just Confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The vote puts cannabis patients, consumers, and business owners in legal states in a precarious position.

Here’s What Happens When You’re Arrested at a Confirmation Hearing

A cannabis activist shouted during Tuesday's hearing on Jeff Sessions. Capitol Police escorted her from the room. Ever wonder what happens next?

AG Nominee Sessions Headed to a Full Senate Vote

Though the ultimate outcome—passage out of committee—was expected a week ago, few expected such a close tally.

Trump’s AG Nominee Continues to Waffle on Cannabis

In written responses to senators' questions, Sen. Jeff Sessions did little to reassure patients and businesses concerned about the Trump administration.

Trump Anxiety Cancels Florida Expo. Is It a Blip or a Harbinger?

Organizers blame federal uncertainty for a cancelled conference in Florida. Is it a one-off, or a sign of things to come?

DC Advocates Take Their Case to Jeff Sessions—and He Listens. Sort of.

“They were aware that we were coming,” an organizer said, “but they thought we were coming to smoke marijuana in their office."

5 Things Trump’s AG Pick Has Said About Cannabis

Sen. Jeff Sessions has repeatedly lambasted cannabis legalization. Here are some of his many statements from his years in public office.

Trump Picks Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Stoking Fears of Cannabis Crackdown

The Alabama senator is no friend of cannabis—medical, adult-use, or otherwise. Will he turn the clock back to "Just Say No"?

The Shake: Hillary the ‘Drug Warrior,’ a Utah Senator’s Escape Plan, and a Football Coach Fired for Growing the Wrong Crop

In today's Shake: Further evidence MMJ is no joke, a new study on cannabis and pregnancy, and a deity — and his many followers — with a taste for cannabis.