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The Shake: Ohio’s MMJ Campaign Shuts Down

Racial disparities persist in California, the fallout in Toronto continues after last week's raids, and can cannabis actually damage your DNA?

Why New York’s Top Cop Is as Phony as a Stoned Welsh Sheep

Local politicians, be they from towns large or small, are still relying on the boogieman of cannabis to sow fear among their constituents, just as they have for decades.

The Shake: Toronto Expo Kicks Off Under Crackdown Cloud, Legalization Foes Forget the Children

Illegal smuggling hits an all-time low, the Swiss jump on the vape train, and a dog's bum bite harshes a Texas man's mellow.

The Shake: 420 Gym to Open (with Smoking Deck), Rick Steves Backs Legalization Bid in Maine

Ohio MMJ bill arrives at governor's desk, the VA scraps a speech on cannabis, and Oregon wants you to start low and go slow with edibles.

Obama’s Supreme Court Pick: The One Thing We Know About Merrick Garland and Cannabis

There's not much to go on when it comes to guessing how Obama's SCOTUS nominee might rule on cannabis.

At the First Cannabis Convention in Texas, the Police Were Quiet and the Women Kicked Ass

Texas hosts its first cannabis convention. In a state with draconian cannabis laws, the canna con gave hope to advocates; change may be on the way.

The Shake: How Much Did Stoner Sloth Cost Taxpayers?

Vermont elected officials are hopping on the legalization train, a former U.S. surgeon general like Bernie's cannabis plan, and a new report says the DEA is careless with its drugs. It's the (Friday!) Shake.

Scalia’s Death Could Decide Colorado Case’s Fate

The Supreme Court justice would've been a key vote in an angry-neighbor spat that goes before the high court next week.

Changing Perspectives: A Q&A With Vermont’s Cannabis-Friendly Former Lawman

Former state Attorney General Kimberly Cheney recently declared his support for Vermont's push to become the first state to legalize through the legislative process.

When Police Work the Drug War’s Dark Side

Here are six examples of law enforcement officers getting caught on the wrong end of drug busts.

Justice Department Shuts Down Major Property Seizure Program

The Justice Department will suspend indefinitely one of the most controversial pieces of its asset forfeiture operations.

Postal Service Doubles Down on Cannabis Enforcement, Issues Nationwide Policy

Letter from USPS general counsel directs postal carriers across country to report cannabis advertisements to law enforcement.

Washington Family Faces 20 Years in Federal Prison for Legally Growing Medical Marijuana

The Kettle Falls Five is facing a terrifying sentence of 20 years in a federal penitentiary. Their crime? Legally growing medical marijuana in a safe, controlled environment.

The U.S. is Getting a New Attorney General and Head of the DEA: What Does This Mean for the Cannabis Movement?

The United States is experiencing quite a shakeup in both DEA and Attorney General leadership, and the moves could mean big things for the cannabis movement.

Obama’s Nomination for U.S. Attorney General Does Not Support Cannabis Legalization

President Obama’s nomination for Attorney General has already taken a stance against cannabis legalization, saying it's not the Department of Justice's position to support it.

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