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5 Major Takeaways From Massachusetts’ Report on Legalizing Cannabis

The Massachusetts Senate released a report of recommendations for legalizing cannabis responsibly.

The Shake: Nancy Reagan RIP, Colorado Cannabis Cup Canceled, Salty Prohibitionist Fails Debate

In today's headlines, a San Diego jury lets a concentrate maker go free, Massachusetts bigwigs come out against legalization, and cannabis trafficking from Mexico continues to decline.

Leafly’s State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Testing Regulations

Leafly's comprehensive state-by-state guide to medical marijuana testing regulations

The Shake: Kofi Annan Wants Drug Reform, Rihanna and Drake Spark Up in Canada

Utah patients are sick of lawmakers' stoner jokes, New York's medical program is stalling, and the Philadelphia Flower Show realizes what else is called "flower."

America’s Favorite Travel Guide is Moving Legalization Nationwide

With stops in states like Maine and Massachusetts, Rick Steves is going nationwide with the same strong message that helped bring legalization to Washington state.

The Shake: Cannabis Cup Moves to Pueblo, Boston Globe Discovers Denver

A change to Utah's medical marijuana bill has placated Mormon Leaders, and Wyoming wants to make gummies a felony. More crazy cannabis happenings in today's Shake.

The Shake: Cannabis Cup Permit Lost, Psychosis Gene Found

The High Times Cannabis Cup is looking for a new home, Veterans Affairs doctors may finally be able to talk about cannabis, and the opening of a Massachusetts dispensary is marred by protest.

Mexico Begins National Legalization Debates: The Leafly Roundup

California cities ban cannabis businesses over a typo, Massachusetts lawmakers road trip to Colorado and Canada grapples with international treaty concerns. Here's the latest in legalization.

Chile Removes Cannabis from Its Schedule of Hard Drugs: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

There's plenty to be thankful for as the end of the year grows near, but 2016 will need more support for cannabis reform than ever before. Stay up-to-date on the latest!

Massachusetts Could Be the 5th State to Legalize Cannabis

Massachusetts, which legalized medical marijuana in 2012, is currently working on a campaign that could legalize recreational cannabis in 2016.

Could Canada Usher in a New Era for Cannabis? The Leafly Legalization Roundup

A monumental week for Canada means that the new Prime Minister has got a lot of work ahead of him, but he’s got many backers sending support and advice on legalizing cannabis.

The Leafly Roundup: Which Government Official Announced He “Ate Cannabis” for Breakfast?

One Australian Member of Parliament announced in session that he “ate cannabis this morning” to open the eyes of his colleagues to the many advantages of cannabis legalization.

Massachusetts’ First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Finally Opens

The wait is finally over for impatient medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts – the state's first medical marijuana dispensary is at long last scheduled to open.

The Leafly Legalization Roundup: Guess Which Plant Drug Cartels Are Growing Instead of Cannabis?

In this week's roundup, we learn that the U.S.’s cannabis is so high-quality that drug cartels not only prefer our crops, they've also turned to subsidizing tomatoes to make ends meet.

When’s Nevada Debuting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries? The Leafly Legalization Roundup

The future of cannabis is progressing by leaps and bounds. Check out this week’s legalization update to catch up on the latest in cannabis legislation from your region:

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