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Pre-Rolls to Get You Through the Massachusetts Winter

Published on January 31, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Winter has more than arrived here in Massachusetts, where we’ve had our fair share of rain, ice, and snow within the last week. With a couple more months of this weather ahead of us, it can be easy to let the winter blues seep in. But with a little creativity (and some cannabis), it’s possible not only to make it through the season but to actually enjoy it.

Start off easy by picking a pre-roll from one of your favorite dispensaries, then pair it with your favorite winter activity. (We’ve got some suggestions below.) The combination will have you remembering why you love living in New England—or will at least allow you to tolerate it until springtime!The Weather Outside Is FrightfulPre-rolls in MA range between $8-$15 depending on size, making them an affordable, portable choice. As with all adult-use products, make sure to call ahead or check online to ensure that the shop still has the pre-rolls you are hoping for in stock. With only a handful of shops open across the state, inventory moves fast!


Hurricane Pre-Roll

$15 each at NETA in Northampton

(Available to medical patients only.)

Gravity FTW! Grab your mittens, a thermos of cocoa, and a sled or two before heading to the nearest snow-covered hill. Before you start your runs, though, find an out-of-the-way spot to enjoy a Hurricane pre-roll. This sativa-leaning hybrid is the perfect mix for providing a little energy boost to help you trudge back up the snowy hill after you’ve made your way down. Plus, lots of folks report getting the giggles with Hurricane, so when you accidentally crash into your buddy on the way down, hopefully you’ll just end up laughing about it.

Snowball Fight

Jilly Bean Pre-Roll

$15 each at Theory Wellness in Great Barrington

Adding some herbal fun to your next snowball fight will certainly up the stakes… and the creativity! Jillybean is a sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its cheerful, euphoric effects—perfect for getting you in a playful mindset for this chilly game. Plus, Jillybean can be helpful for those with joint pain, so if you forget to stretch and pull your shoulder, a couple extra puffs will having you throwing more snow bombs in no time.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Bruce Banner Pre-Roll

$10 each at Temescal Wellness in Pittsfield

(Available to medical patients only.)

For those who love winter sports, there’s nothing better than ripping up some fresh powder. Thankfully, lower temps and a few snowstorms have created solid conditions for hitting the trails. If you’re going to spend the day on the slopes, why not warm yourself with a little Bruce Banner first? After a few puffs, you’ll find yourself hulking out in all the right ways. This daytime favorite is a sativa-leaning hybrid that will have you feeling uplifted and euphoric, while still allowing you to focus—critical for staying safe on the slopes. Bruce Banner can often help with inflammation, which can come in useful after a long day on the mountain.

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Baking Cookies

Purple Urkle Pre-Roll

$10 each at Verilife in Wareham

Nothing brightens the cold, gray winter days and nights faster than freshly baked cookies. Whether you go for traditional chocolate chip or are trying your hand at some Great British Bake-Off-inspired lemon curd macarons, getting your bake on is a great way to survive the winter. Purple Urkle is a strong indica known for its relaxing properties. Consumed mindfully, it allows you to mellow out without feeling sleepy, perfect for whipping up some delicious treats—and also for sampling them in front of a roaring fire with your favorite tea and book.

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Game Night

Rocklock Pre-Roll

$15 each at INSA in Easthampton

(Available to medical patients only.)

Games were a huge hit at my house during the most recent ice storm. It was too yucky to go play outside, and we had already gone overboard on screen. Thankfully, our plethora of board and card games came to the rescue. We lit a fire in the living room, moved around some furniture, and set up a few games on the floor. From Unstable Unicorns to Clue, we spent hours having fun, insulated from the bitter cold outside. To add cannabis to the mix,  consider a Rocklock pre-roll. It’s a super social strain, perfect for game night. Rocklock is known for uplifting moods and creative effects, two key characteristics anytime you have a group of folks hanging out.

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Netflix & Chill

Fire Monster Cookies Pre-Roll

$10 each at Cultivate in Leicester

(Available to medical patients only.)

Sometimes the cold weather has us wanting nothing more than to binge all of our favorite shows. Sometimes it has us craving a a cuddle. Whether you want to plow through all ten seasons of Friends or get a little friendly with your sweetie, Fire Monster Cookies is the perfect pre-roll strain to start the evening with. An indica-dominant hybrid, Fire Monster Cookies may eventually lull you to sleep—but before that, enjoy the euphoric, calming waves that can roll across your body, helping you sink into your couch or your partner.

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