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Massachusetts’ 3rd Shop to Open, Connecticut OKs 9 More Dispensaries

The third adult-use cannabis store in Massachusetts is set to open this weekend in Salem, and Connecticut's new MMJ approvals will double the state's dispensaries.

Massachusetts Cannabis Sales Exceed $2.2M in First Week

Between just two stores, customers in Massachusetts spent nearly $440,000 on the first day of legal adult-use sales.

New Bill Would Legalize Cannabis in New Jersey

Lawmakers across the Northeast watched this week as cannabis sales kicked off in Massachusetts. Judging from their reactions, it seems the state won’t be alone for long.

In Massachusetts, First Day of Legal Cannabis Sales ‘Felt Like Clockwork’

Despite chilly temperatures and bouts of freezing rain, the first day of adult-use cannabis sales in Massachusetts appears to have been a smashing success.

Massachusetts Cannabis Stores Open: Leafly’s Live Coverage

The East Coast's first adult-use cannabis stores go live on Tuesday! Leafly has reporters on the ground and will post updates throughout the day.

FAQ: What to Expect as East Coast’s First Pot Shops Finally Open

The long wait for recreational cannabis sales to begin in Massachusetts is almost over with the first stores set to open on Tuesday morning.

Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Sales Cleared for Launch

More than two years after Massachusetts voters legalized cannabis, the first two retail stores are set to open next week in Leicester and Northampton.

The Botanist: Helping Stylish East Coasters Get an MMJ Card One Party at a Time

The Botanist dispensary, with multiple east coast locations, now organizes a traveling CBD-cocktail party aimed squarely at education and registration for medical cards.

After Long Wait, East Coast’s First Legal Pot Shops Set to Open

An existing medical marijuana dispensary in Northampton — nestled in Massachusetts' scenic Pioneer Valley — plans to open its doors within days.

Boston Deserves a Cannabis Culture of Its Own

Boston needs a cannabis scene that reflects the region's unique character. We don’t need to be East Coast Colorado or California-on-the-Charles.

Moving to Massachusetts for Legal Cannabis

Thinking about moving to Massachusetts for recreational cannabis? Here are some of the other unique perks that Massachusetts has to offer.

Massachusetts Issues Cannabis Retail Licenses in Northampton, Leicester

The first recreational cannabis licenses have now been granted—but would-be customers will still have to wait a few weeks before the stores open for business.

The Best Medical Cannabis Products in Massachusetts

In recreational-ready-but-not-really Massachusetts, it can be challenging to incorporate cannabis into your plans. But as a medical user, I’m grateful for access to products that…

Top Rated Dispensaries in Massachusetts College Towns

It's back-to-school season. For students over 21 who prefer cannabis, we've got you covered with a guide to the best recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts college towns.

Top-Rated Cannabis Dispensaries in College Towns

It's back-to-school season. For students over 21 who prefer cannabis, we've got you covered with a guide to the best recreational dispensaries in college towns.

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