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Live from Boston Freedom Rally: A Smokin’ Hot Party on the Common

The Leafly team is hanging on Boston Common, soaking up the sights, smells, and celebratory vibe. Hey, where'd you get those garlic fries?

Boston Freedom Rally: 2018 Schedule & Insider’s Guide

Boston Common becomes one big canna-party this weekend. Our inside info and hot picks will elevate your day.

Massachusetts Dispensaries That Let You Order Ahead of Time

Don't want to wait with the dispensary crowd? No suh! Order your cannabis online and pick up your product at these Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries.

These Cannabis Dispensaries Let You Order Ahead of Time

Hate to wait? Bypass the green rush at these cannabis dispensaries and reserve your marijuana order online for free in-store pickup.

With Testing Labs on the Way, Massachusetts Cannabis Is Coming Soon

Regulators could approve independent testing laboratories later this month, clearing what's been a key roadblock to opening the state's first retail cannabis stores.

We Heard These Are the Best Places to Smoke a Joint in Every Legal State

These places in legal states offer the perfect environment to light up your favorite strain. (Just make sure you fully understand local laws first!)

In Massachusetts, ‘Local Buy-In’ Leaves Equity Candidates Outside, Waiting

Equity license entrepreneurs wait while local towns plod through zoning decisions, losing precious time and market share.

Massachusetts Could Issue Three More Marijuana Licenses

Massachusetts regulators will consider licensing three more shops, but with no testing labs yet licensed, legal sales are still a ways off.

US Attorney in Massachusetts Will Let Legal Market Proceed

US Attorney Andrew Lelling said that while he can't immunize the state-legal industry, his office's enforcement priorities lie elsewhere.

The 2018 Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10: Maryland & Massachusetts Cannabis Sales

Find some of the best 7/10 deals on cannabis concentrates in Maryland and Massachusetts dispensaries with the Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10.

7 Key Snacks for Massachusetts Munchies

On July 1, 2018, Massachusetts stepped into the future by fully legalizing recreational cannabis. In honor of this momentous day, we’ve compiled a list of the best Massachusetts munchies.

Massachusetts Issues State’s First Retail Cannabis License

A medical marijuana dispensary near Worcester has become the first licensed recreational cannabis retailer east of the Mississippi.

Mango Haze, World Cup, and Independence Day — This Is #MondayMotivation

Look out for World Cup, Marvel's new "Ant-Man" film, July 4 fireworks, and much more in Leafly's Monday radar report.

The Top Trending Cannabis Strains in Massachusetts

Looking for popular strains in Massachusetts? According to Leafly data, these are the top searched indica, sativa, & hybrid strains in the baked bean state.

Here’s Where to (Eventually) Find Recreational Cannabis in Massachusetts

Want to know where to go to purchase legal adult-use cannabis? We've got all the open stores here, updated daily.

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