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Cannabis & ‘Muggles’: An Etymology

Did you know "muggle" once referred to joints? Read the history of the word "muggle" and how it went from marijuana to magic.

Q&A: Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’ Show-Stealer Ngaio Bealum

Netflix's low-budget marijuana cooking show "Cooking on High" was stolen by stoner comedian/writer Ngaio Bealum. We interview Ngaio about cannabis-infused maple syrup, existential edibles trips, and the #permitpatty imbroglio.

Watch This: Cheech & Chong Talk About the First Time They Got High

Reunited for the 40th anniversary of "Up in Smoke," Cheech and Chong get together to reminisce about the first time they tried cannabis and got high.

Oscar Winners Light Up, Speak Out: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From out-and-proud Oscar winners to progressive southern Democrats, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Mimicking Birds’ Adam Trachsel Explains CBD for Brain Cancer and Seizures

Cannabidiol helped the indie rock bassist take less meds and get back to 💯.

Interview: ‘The Guy’ on Lemon Haze, Nostalgia, and Season 2 of ‘High Maintenance’

We interview Ben Sinclair about Season 2 of HBO's "High Maintenance," which is about a lot more than cannabis, but still gets cannabis culture right.

How Many of These DEA ‘Cannabis Slang’ Terms Do You Know?

The DEA just updated its "drug slang" list, and it makes us wonder if somebody's punking the agency. Seriously, "Smoochy Woochy Poochy"?

Peter Tosh is Getting His Own Museum and Cannabis Brand

As fans celebrate what would've been the reggae icon's 72nd birthday, a museum, nonprofit foundation, and product line will help his legacy live on.

Reading Goosebumps High: A Spooky Trip Down Memory Lane

In my teens, I was obsessed with Goosebumps books. I wanted to see whether they could withstand the test of time—whether cannabis would help or hinder the experience.

Why We’re Crushing Hard on Susan Sarandon (and Why You Should, Too)

Academy Award-winning actress and activist Susan Sarandon has always been a champion for the cannabis movement, but here are even more reasons why we love her.

Check Out Margot Robbie’s Pot Leaf-Themed Dress on ‘SNL’

Australian-born actress Margot Robbie hosted the 42nd season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live,' and her cannabis leaf dress definitely caught our attention.

Batman-Themed Strains and Products for Caped Crusading Cannabis Lovers

We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Batman and his enduring pop culture relevance than by sharing these Dark Knight-themed cannabis strains and products.

That One Time Bruce Springsteen Sang to Obama About Marijuana

Bruce Springsteen's sly ode to President Obama during his 2012 reelection campaign won our cannabis-friendly hearts.

Do You Know These Stoner Superstitions About Cannabis Rules and Etiquette?

Here's a list of cannabis superstitions many enthusiasts have believed and continue to abide by lest they want to be cursed with bad luck (or, worse yet, bad bud).

5 Things You’ll Do Watching Bob Ross While High

Spiral down the Bob Ross rabbit hole with your favorite strain as you sink into the warm bath of his hypnotic, dulcet tones.

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