7 strains to enjoy while watching HBO’s ‘Insecure’

Published on October 18, 2021 · Last updated October 19, 2021
(Image: HBO)

It’s bittersweet to know that this upcoming season of HBO’s hit TV series, Insecure, will be its last. With this hit show, Issa Rae has created a cultural phenomenon that people have faithfully followed since 2016.

If you watch Insecure, you know that there are many layers to Issa’s life including dating, music, friends, and the real-life scenarios that Issa gets herself into when she’s out there trying to thrive. And there’s rarely an episode that isn’t good to roll up and smoke to while watching.

We made this list of strains to help you rewatch Insecure and properly enjoy its last season on HBO. BUT SPOILER ALERT! We’ll be covering all the way up to where Season 4 left off, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Blue Dream

Insecure's Issa and Lawrence stroll in an outdoor market
(Still from HBO’s Insecure)

Let me start off by letting you all know I’m #TeamLawrence. But he’s had his ups and downs on the show. All the real fans remember when he was stuck at that dead-end job wearing that Best Buy blue shirt.

After trying to get his startup off the ground, Issa was fed up with his unused potential. So in order to make some ends meet, Lawrence had to bite the bullet and get a job. I know after those long days slanging TVs at the electronics store, Lawrence could’ve used a gram or two of Blue Dream to help him step his game up and get him out of trouble with Issa.


Without too many spoilers, Trainwreck is a pretty accurate description of Lawrence’s life on the show going into Season 5. After going through ups and downs, Issa and Lawrence finally got into a good space. They even started to rekindle that old flame, and then BAM, Condola.

Now, Lawrence has a baby on the way with a woman he doesn’t want to be with, right when he got the love of his life back. If that isn’t a trainwreck waiting to happen I don’t know what is.

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We need to smoke just thinking about it.

Marathon OG

Issa is always showing love to West Coast artists on the Insecure soundtrack, and you can’t get any more LA than Nipsey Hussle and Marathon OG.

Marathon OG is named after LA legend Nipsey Hussle and his Marathon mixtape and clothing brand. When you smoke it, you’ll feel like you’re riding down Crenshaw or maybe even ready to do your own free-style like Issa does.

El Jefe

Issa Rae on the red carpet

The inception of Insecure started with a popular web series in 2011, “Awkward Black Girl.” Since then Issa Rae has done nothing but boss up with movie deals, record labels, and a reputation as one of the next icons in Hollywood. That’s why including the strain El Jefe was a no-brainer.

IRL Issa is becoming the boss of bosses with her production company Hoorae Media. She’s building communities and creating opportunities for other Black filmmakers, writers, artists, and creatives across the entire diaspora.


The unresolved tension between Issa and Molly is thick this season. In episode 9 of Season 4, Issa and Molly share an awkward meal together. To help her deal with the stressful situation Issa orders a mimosa with “light orange juice.”

The same way she needed a drink to get through that date is the same way we need to smoke some Mimosa to make it through the season. Plus, Issa isn’t shy about her love for cocktails so, cheers!

LA Confidential

We said it once and we’ll say it again. From highlighting Black neighborhoods like Leimert Park to creating new Instagram landmarks like The Dunes apartment building in Inglewood, Issa puts on for her city.

(Still from HBO’s Insecure)

It’s only right we feature LA Confidential, a strain that shows love to the City of Angels and provides you with calming effects perfect for binge-watching seasons 1-4 of Insecure. I wonder what parts of LA will be captured in this season 5?

Dream Queen

(Still from HBO’s Insecure)

Let’s talk about a fan favorite on Insecure that I hope gets a full episode this year, Kelli.

Played by actress Natasha Rothwell, Kelli has been the funniest person throughout the entire series. She’s been the queen of comedy on a show that can get intense depending on the episode. The taser scene during the Coachella episode in season 3 had me crying.

Natasha has been on record saying that her character is just ‘seasoning’ to the main course of Issa and Molly, but the fans want more. Hopefully, the writers’ room does us all a favor and gives Kelli the screen time and storyline we’ve all been craving. We deserve more from Dream Queen Natasha and will keep our fingers crossed for lots of Kelli this season.

Just like that, five years have passed and we’ve reached the end of Insecure. But we’ll all have the memories, memes, and strains we need to keep the show alive. Enjoy these strains while live-tweeting your reactions to all the baby momma drama, full-belly laughs, and the always amazing soundtrack.

What strains do you recommend for watching Insecure? We want to hear from you! Join the conversation on Twitter.

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