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Cannabis Regulation in the Wild West: What We Can Learn From San Jose

How tough is it for cities to craft workable dispensary rules? Consider the conundrum in San Jose, California.

Washington State Faces No Cannabis Crop Shortfall, Say UW Researchers

A new study found that the current amount of cannabis grown by Washington state-licensed producers should be enough to satisfy the demand for both the medical and recreational markets.

Alaska to Weigh Rules for On-Site Consumption at Retail Stores

Regulators plan to consider rules this week for consuming marijuana products at authorized retail cannabis stores — a first among states that have legalized adult use.

Leafly’s State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Testing Regulations

Leafly's comprehensive state-by-state guide to medical marijuana testing regulations

View From the Pinstripes: How a Banker Sees a Cannabis Account

With officials and businesses searching for banking solutions, Leafly sat down with an industry veteran to get an insider's perspective.

Getting Licensed in Oregon: Portland Retailer David Alport Tells All

Leafly spoke with a veteran Oregon dispensary owner to see how the state's new licensing process looks from the ground level.

Shh! Here’s How Cannabis Companies Are Banking Legally on the Down Low

Did you think all cannabis businesses were cash-only? You thought wrong. Learn how legal markets such as Colorado, Washington, and Oregon handle their banking.

Washington Expands Number of Retail Licenses

The cap on retail cannabis stores in Washington state will jump next year from 334 to 556, the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board announced Wednesday.

State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Advertising Regulations

Here's a state-by-state guide to cannabis advertising regulations that should help cannabis businesses adhere to the guidelines enforced by their respective location.

Colorado Releases Cannabis Health Report, Introduces New Guidelines for Edibles

Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment recently released a report offering a transparent review of research and data collected in 2014 for the general public.

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