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Wanna Buy Verified Humboldt? Now There’s Loudpack ‘Legacy’

Published on September 7, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

More and more consumers want to vote with their dollars for cannabis grown in America’s marijuana heartlands. Now that’s easier than ever before.

This week, leading California producer Loudpack announced the launch of a “Legacy” line of flowers from traditional Humboldt growers.

Starting this weekend, shoppers can look for Loudpack Legacy flower from Emerald Queen Farms of Humboldt, including a 2018 outdoor, light-depLemon Meringue. Yum!Running Low on Flower?Emerald Queen Farms owner Hannah Wyth said big brands such as Loudpack can help small farms like hers reach everyone.

“Humboldt County is really the bedrock of the cannabis community in California, and it is very exciting for small farms like ours to finally have a platform to showcase these traditional styles of farming and spread awareness of our sustainable and mindful practices,” Whyte said.

Loudpack CEO John Cohran said shoppers want to buy with a conscience and honor cannabis history, and now it’s easier than ever.

“This initiative has been part of our long-term growth plan due to both an overwhelming consumer demand and strong desire to drive business to the local farmers we value and have worked with over the years,” he said.

(Sarah Wilkinson/Loudpack)

Undercutting Counterfits

Legalization brings with it major disruptions in the price and distribution of marijuana. Exposed to the free market, heritage farmers face steep price declines and massive new costs as a reward for inventing modern cannabis in the Emerald Triangle. Comprising three main counties—Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity—the triangle is known the world over for producing classics such as OG KushGranddaddy Purple, and Trainwreck since the ‘80s.

Counterfeit cannabis brands have long undercut heritage farms, though. Just like counterfeit Gucci and Prada products, counterfeit “Humboldt” is a global, multibillion-dollar business.

Check Dispensary Menus Near You for Loudpack

This year, a number of new ways allow you to buy verified heritage cannabis:

  • Major brands like Loudpack and Flow Kana market heritage farms
  • A few counties have a pilot program called CalOrigin that uses tax stamps to verify heritage crops
  • The California Department of Agriculture is listing farms by county

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David Downs
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