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7 Strains to Calm Your Nerves Before a First Date

Feeling anxious about that first date? We've got you covered—try picking up one of these strains designed to settle the nerves and help you focus on wooing your potential mate.

Watch This: People on Blind Dates Break the Ice With Cannabis

In this video, random strangers go on blind dates and smoke up together before trying to figure out if there’s any chemistry between each other.

We Need to Destigmatize Parents Who Use Cannabis

Misconceptions around cannabis and the parents who use it are deeply embedded in our society, and that won’t change overnight—but it needs to start now.

The Best 420-Friendly Dating and Friend-Finder Apps

We tested three different cannabis dating and friend-finder apps: High There, 420 Singles, and 420 Friends. Read our review of how they stacked up.

Check Out These Gorgeous Photos of 5 Real Cannabis Weddings

More couples than ever are choosing to celebrate their special day with cannabis at the ceremony or celebrations. Check out how these five couples did it.

Why a Good Smoke Session Is the Ultimate Bonding Experience

There's no single better way to bond with someone than smoking with them. Nothing brings people together like cannabis.

420-Friendly Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’re tired of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day dinner date, this list of unconventional, cannabis-friendly date ideas is for you.

Want to Try Cannabis with Your Partner? 6 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Couples

Are you and your partner curious about trying cannabis together for the first time? Here are six tips for new cannabis couples using marijuana to enhance intimacy.

Cannabis and Relationships: Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Discover how some of the cerebral effects of cannabis can help you reframe limiting beliefs on sex and relationships as well as the benefits of doing so.

Baby Boomer Parents, Have You Come Out of the Cannabis Closet to Your Adult Kids?

Have you spoken with your now-grown children about your cannabis consumption? One baby boomer parent shares how he broached the topic with his kids.

‘420’ Dating: An Interview With Molly Peckler, Cannabis Dating Website Founder

Meet Molly Peckler – owner of a “420”-friendly dating and life coaching company – and learn about her professional as well as personal cannabis experiences.

Leafly Staff Debates: How Should You Talk to Your Family About Cannabis?

When should you talk to your kids about cannabis? What's the best way to "come out" to your family? How to enjoy cannabis with your parents? We discuss in Leafly SlackChats.

My Partner is Religious: How Do I Talk To Them About Cannabis?

How do you bring up cannabis in a relationship where they might have a very different, if not extreme, point of view from yours?

5 Fun Date Ideas for Cannabis-Friendly Couples

Here are some cannabis-specific date ideas you can try with your partner.

Mend Your Heart: 6 Tips for Surviving a Breakup

Here are my top tips for surviving a breakup, so grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and pack a bowl as you learn these six ways to cope and bounce back stronger than before.

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