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What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell Inside Your House?

If you want to be mindful of your neighbors or simply want your cannabis habits to stay under the radar, try these handy tricks to mask the smell of cannabis in your home.

How to Find the Best Cannabis Experience and High for You

Read tips that are meant to help you find the right cannabis strain or product and consumption method to achieve the best overall experience for you.

How to Pack and Smoke a Bowl of Cannabis

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but none are as well-known as smoking a bowl. Learn how to properly pack and smoke a bowl for your next session.

Want to Try Cannabis with Your Partner? 6 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Couples

Are you and your partner curious about trying cannabis together for the first time? Here are six tips for new cannabis couples using marijuana to enhance intimacy.

How to Make a Joint Burn Slower and Last Longer

Proper joint rolling is considered a fine art in many social circles. There’s something special about a properly rolled, evenly burning joint that seems to…

Identifying Old or Bad Cannabis Past Its Shelf Life

Consumers can’t control the quality of cannabis before it reaches the shelf, but there are ways to sense if it’s old or bad. Find out what to look for.

These Factors Can Impact How Quickly or Slowly Your Cannabis Burns

There are many factors that can impact your cannabis burn rate, but learn about the most important variables that can make it burn too fast or slow.

How to Roll a Joint

Every cannabis smoker should learn how to roll a joint. To help you hone your own craft, we’ve prepared a simple seven-step guide to successful joint rolling.

What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary or Retail Cannabis Shop

Curious about cannabis? Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to making your first purchase in a legal market.

The Leafly Starter Pack: A Comprehensive Guide to Recreational Cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis (or if it’s been a few years), the Leafly Starter Pack has everything you need to know about how to enjoy marijuana easily and safely.

The Leafly Starter Pack: A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis

Interested in becoming a medical marijuana patient, or are you one already? This comprehensive guide will teach you about medical cannabis and how to safely consume it.

8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

There are ways to help come back down when you feel too high, overwhelmed, or uncomfortable from excessive cannabis consumption. Here are eight suggestions:

Cannabis Strain Recommendations for Beginners and Low-Tolerance Consumers

Here are three basic tips, tricks, and recommendations for finding that perfect first-time cannabis experience for inexperienced or low-tolerance marijuana consumers.

Leafly’s Visual Quality Guide to Selecting Cannabis

Leafly's guide to visually assessing cannabis quality identifies traits and visual cues to help you recognize the difference between high, middle, and low-quality marijuana.

How Long is My Cannabis Good For? Leafly’s Guide to Storing Cannabis

Leafly's guide for the long-term storage of cannabis explains the do's and don'ts of storing cannabis and how temperature, light, humidity, and air are the biggest factors to consider.

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