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Cannabis Legislation 2017: We’re Tracking All Legalization Bills

Is your state considering changes to its cannabis laws? It's legislature season, and we're watching all the states in play.

State of the Leaf: As Opinions Shift, Unlikely States Weigh Legalization

With the results of the 2016 election in hand, many state legislators and advocates are weighing their options for legalization...

From Vermont to Texas, State Lawmakers Eye Legalization Measures in 2017

Lawmakers are pushing for reforms in South Carolina, Vermont, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Texas. As the year stretches on, other states are likely to follow.

Houston Officials Set New Cannabis Tone in Texas

New Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declared that her office would no longer seek to put small-time cannabis offenders in jail.

State of the Leaf: Election Wins Push Texas Toward Reform

Lawmakers in the Lone Star State have introduced six cannabis reform bills, California patients get a tax holiday, and Denver readies for onsite consumption.

Veterans Day: Texas Vets Fight for Medical Cannabis Legalization

David Bass and a legion of military veterans are fighting to legalize medical cannabis in Texas. You'll see their work on the Capitol grounds in Austin this weekend.

Relax, Jerry Jones. Calm Down, NFL. Ezekiel Elliott’s Cannabis Visit Was Perfectly Normal.

Don't scold the Cowboys running back. It’s common for tourists to be curious what legal cannabis looks like.

Meet Ann Lee, the Texas Republican Calling for Legalization in Cleveland

The founder of RAMP — Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition — is attending her first national confab since 1984, and she's bringing the legalization love strong.

Roadside Drug Tests Regularly Give False Positives, Putting the Innocent Behind Bars

Police in jurisdictions across the country rely on the tests despite findings that they often lead to wrongful convictions.

Coincidence? 5 of 6 Hottest Housing Markets Are in Cannabis-Legal States

Cannabis legality isn’t often considered a factor driving in-state migration. But maybe it should be.

The Shake: Toronto Expo Kicks Off Under Crackdown Cloud, Legalization Foes Forget the Children

Illegal smuggling hits an all-time low, the Swiss jump on the vape train, and a dog's bum bite harshes a Texas man's mellow.

The Shake: Urine Tests Wash Out Tech’s Best and Brightest, and Cannabis ‘Twinkie’ Defense Used

Prohibition costs states billions in lost funds, the Chicago Tribune calls out the NFL, and students are going to college on cannabis' dime.

The Shake: Gas Mask Bong Video Crashes All NFL Draft Boards

A lawyer calls out Obama for defying Congress and cracking down on legal cannabis, Massachusetts sees a surge in MMJ patients, and a Harvard psychobiologist professor goofs up.

State of the Leaf: Italy Thinks Legalization Could Undercut ISIS

Happy 420 to one and all! This year’s celebration brings big news and plenty of evidence of how far we’ve come on the road to legalization.

Batman in a Bow Tie: We Talk Cannabis Reform With Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Don’t be fooled by the charming bicycle pin and unassuming smile — when it comes to fighting for cannabis reform, Blumenauer is Batman in a bowtie.