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The Produce Pipeline: Smugglers Now Using ‘Limes’ to Move Illicit Cannabis

With legalization spreading across the US, demand for illicit, Mexican-sourced cannabis has fallen sharply. But smugglers still move product across the border.

The Senate Just Confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The vote puts cannabis patients, consumers, and business owners in legal states in a precarious position.

Washington State Lawmakers Want a Wall Around Legal Marijuana

State lawmakers have quietly introduced legislation designed to help protect legal cannabis from intervention by the Trump administration.

Colorado Agriculture Office Hosts Cannabis-Curious Officials From Other States

Agriculture officials this week briefed officials from other states on marijuana farming and how to regulate a crop the federal government still deems illegal.

In Congress: Virginia Republican Wants to De-Schedule CBD

Republicans in Congress are starting to come out of the woodwork to draft new bills on cannabis.

AG Nominee Sessions Headed to a Full Senate Vote

Though the ultimate outcome—passage out of committee—was expected a week ago, few expected such a close tally.

California Looks to Build $7 Billion Legal Cannabis Economy

The future of California's legal marijuana industry is being shaped in a retired basketball arena, where paper cannabis leaves sprout on file cabinets and a burlap sack advertising "USA Home Grown" dangles from a wall.

Cannabis Legalization Takes Hold in Maine

It's legal to consume cannabis in Maine as of Monday. It's also legal to gift it, grow it, and possess up to 2.5 ounces. But retail stores? Not just yet.

How to Contact Senators About Jeff Sessions

After a hectic first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, senators are scheduled to vote Tuesday on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

First US Rules for Cannabis in Public Fire up Debate in Denver

City officials had to double the size of the room to accommodate the crowd, and a question board filled quickly with subjects such as "Hours of operation?"

Hemp Producer Ecofibre Ditches Australia’s Medical Cannabis Rules for the US

Citing onerous security requirements in Australia, the prominent hemp grower Ecofibre announced it will move its medical cannabis operations to the US.

Leafly List: The Best Cannabis Locations in North America, December 2016

The Leafly List ranks the top cannabis dispensaries and retail stores in major US and Canada cannabis markets every month.

State of the Leaf: US Lagging as Mexico and Canada Move to Legalize

Canada and Mexico both took major steps toward of cannabis legalization, but the US is arguably losing ground on the federal level.

How to Make Money Off US Cannabis Legalization Without Leaving Europe

Some inventive European cannabis enthusiasts have already found a way to capitalize on the end of prohibition happening across the pond.

DC Advocates Take Their Case to Jeff Sessions—and He Listens. Sort of.

“They were aware that we were coming,” an organizer said, “but they thought we were coming to smoke marijuana in their office."

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