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weekend weirdness

Weekend Weirdness: Which Animal’s Pee Smells Like Cannabis?

This mystery mammal's urine scent is so pungent, it's often mistaken for the immediately recognizable scent of some seriously strong-odored cannabis.

Weekend Weirdness: Cops Conduct Cannabis Raid, Confiscate Woman’s, Uh, Adult Toy

Police raids and the cannabis industry unfortunately often go hand-in-hand, and lately they're attracting criticism over police officers' unprofessional and creepy conduct.

Weekend Weirdness: That One Time Kazakhstan “Accidentally” Planted Thousands of Cannabis Plants in Its Capital’s Flowerbeds

The country of Kazakhstan is struggling to explain why thousands of cannabis plants are growing and thriving in the capital's flowerbeds.

Weekend Weirdness: What Does Banning Farts Have to Do with Cannabis?

A concerned citizen wants Pendleton, Oregon to add smelly farts to the city's nuisance code. If you're wondering what flatulence has to do with cannabis, bear with me.

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis Dries Out Your What Now?

We all know that some cannabis strains can cause cottonmouth or suck the moisture out of your eyeballs, but one author is adamant that it dries out a more intimate area of the body.

Weekend Weirdness: What’s on an Australian Cannabis User’s To-Do List?

If you've ever wondered what's on an Australian cannabis consumer's to-do list, Western Australia's Murdoch police force can glean some insight for you.

Weekend Weirdness: Would You Worship the Church of Cannabis?

Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act has inspired one man to protest in an unexpected way: by establishing the "First Church of Cannabis."

Weekend Weirdness: Indonesian Police Get Town High From Burning Seized Cannabis

This weekend's weirdness comes all the way from Indonesia, where the police force are really good at seizing illegal drugs and not-so-good at disposing them in a responsible manner.