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Weekend Weirdness: Congratulations, Your Cannabis Rain Dance Worked

If you were the one convincing your friends that your meticulously choreographed rain dance designed to make cannabis rain from the heavens would someday work, congratulations, it did.

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis Discovered Near Jupiter…

50 lbs of cannabis recently washed ashore in Jupiter. Authorities believe that the drugs originated from smugglers and are currently searching for the culprits.

Weekend Weirdness: Texas Cannabis Bust Nearly Foiled by…Bigfoot Hunters?

A group's hunt for the elusive, mystical, and totally-not-fake Sasquatch in Delta County, Texas, affected deputy efforts to bust an illegal cannabis grow.

Weekend Weirdness: Police Helpfully Ask Who Misplaced 37 Cannabis Plants

Last month some Bolton South police officers took to Facebook so they could "return" 37 misplaced cannabis plants to their "forgetful horticulturist" owner:

Weekend Weirdness: SWAT Team Conducts Raid, Mistakes Organic Tomato Plants for Cannabis

With the number of times SWAT teams crack down on cannabis businesses (regardless of legality), you'd think they'd be able to recognize what an actual cannabis plant looks like.

Weekend Weirdness: Drone Deliveries Are Making Cannabis Rain from the Heavens

Drones are becoming a hot topic lately, and it seems as if everyone is trying to slice themselves a piece of sky pie. Even the cannabis industry is getting into the drone game.

Weekend Weirdness: Your Marijuana Smoke is Harshing My Tennis Match, Bro

While competing in the semifinal match of the ATP Rogers Cup in Montreal, Novak Djokovic complained to the umpire about a persistent cannabis odor that was affecting his gameplay.

Weekend Weirdness: Pigeon Caught Trying to Smuggle Cannabis into a Costa Rican Prison

Recently a pigeon was busted at a prison in Costa Rica while trying to smuggle in a pound of cocaine and cannabis that was attached to a pouch affixed to its chest.

Weekend Weirdness: Cops Caught Eating Edibles Mid-Raid Are Suing…Their Own Department?

Three police officers who were caught on camera consuming cannabis edibles during a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary are now suing their own department over the video footage.

Weekend Weirdness: Since When Did D.A.R.E. Become Pro-Cannabis?

On Monday, D.A.R.E. published a letter to the editor that had originally appeared in The Columbus Dispatch and recommended the United States legalize cannabis.

Weekend Weirdness: Which State Fair is Featuring a Marijuana Growing Contest?

Who doesn't love going to the state fair, especially ones that offer the tried-and-true mix of fried foods, carnival rides, adorable livestock, and a cannabis growing competition?

Weekend Weirdness: Remember When Pharmacists Mixed Cannabis into Anti-Diarrheal Medicine?

When retiring pharmacist Maurice Payes was asked to concoct some medicine to counteract diarrhea, he'd do what other pharmacists did during that time: he threw in some cannabis.

Weekend Weirdness: The Secret to Defeating ISIS is Reggae, Mon

Jamaican-American musician Shaggy expressed in a recent interview that ISIS can be defeated with two simple things: reggae music and Jamaican cannabis.

Weekend Weirdness: “President Obama, Here’s Some Cannabis in Exchange for Your Daughter’s Hand in Marriage”

In exchange for Malia Obama joining his 17-year old son in holy matrimony, Jamaican farmer Roy Chambers has offered his 10 acre cannabis farm to President Obama as a wedding dowry.

Weekend Weirdness: North Pole is About to Get Even More Holly Jolly

The town of North Pole, Alaska, recently voted to decide whether or not to allow the existence of recreational cannabis stores. What'd they decide?