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Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

by 7 Points Oregon

8 customer reviews


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Just what I was looking for!

#420sweepstakes Tastes great this one is a fav for me anything cherry pie is good. High is nice and heavy lasts a while and breaks down really nice just enough sticky If you like to roll.

#420sweepstakes Cherry pie is as nummy as it sounds. I loved the sweet flavor tones and really loved the chillaxed affects I got. I have tried both the flower as well as ran some bho from it. Both were equally beneficial and taste like a sweet summer cherry. Bho tends to lose flavors however Cherry pie stayed sweet and smooth, yaaay!!! I am more inclined to use concentrates these days as they are more potent quickly. It is vital, in my opinion, to start with great flower if you want great oil. Cherry pie is all of the above for me. I have been indulging for 25+ years so I have tried my share of flavors to say the least. I love that we can now talk openly and learn so much more about this amazing plant and ALL OF IT BENEFITS! Being someone that has been helped immensely both physically and mentally by cannabis, I want to share with the world now. Not pushing of course lol. I have helped educate several people that now have a quality of life and health they thought was not possible due to their pain, conditions, etc. My grandma's generation, 75+, has a bit more of a stigma about it but can learn different now if they're open. I now make several friends butters, treats etc for their needs and they love it. I have physical injuries that doctors have no way of helping with other than massive narcotics, which I am very sensitive and/or allergic to all of. I also have pretty bad ptsd/emotional stressors that can be very debilitating. Cannabis has been a lifesaver for myself and so many I know.

One of my personal favorites it's earthy smell to me is very subtle, great mood your going to feel after. #420sweepstakes

It wasn't bad, It just wasn't as potent as I thought it was going to be. I would recommend it for the body change. #420sweepstakes

Cherry Pie is amazing! Before I got some from a local dispensary, I just figured, "Oh, it's called that, but there's no way it smells/tastes that way." but...the hype is real. The aroma alone keeps me coming back, but it's also great for pain relief without being too glued to the couch. If you can get ahold of some, do it! #420sweepstakes

I love cherry pie hahah! It honestly gave me the giggles and relaxed me. If your looking to giggle and relax with the munchies haha tour in for a treat!💚💚 #420sweetpstakes

Cherry pie is out of this world. Great, long lasting buzz. Pretty too. #420sweepstakes