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Novarne Trim and Shake 1/2 One review I read said that should not the smoked alone needs to be blended. Should be blended to notice Thia effect. 3D by Seeds and Stems Is what I use to blend then a little goes a long way with better visual high tropical.

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary - Rockford

Follow up to my review. There should be a way for Sunnyside to track orders. My order conformation with order number was in my email box sent to me from Rockford store. The customers service person did not ask me to see my in-box email conformation. I still have email from Rockford store which proves the item was listed. Many industries will over book/sell their items that are for sale. Its common practice. The customer service job is supposed to solve problems, not insult and humiliate a regular cash paying loyal customer. Do not make a problem worse by making the customer defend themselves. The atmosphere is up thigh and on edge. Every time I go to the store atmosphere has a feeling paranoia.

Sour Jack

ACE SEEDS TOTAL ME - All the highs from hybrids' are DIRTY HIGH Sour Jack will give a unclean high . Fuzzy mind high and uplifting Marijuana must be grown in soil and pure landrace will give the cleanest high. Hydroponics marijuana are low grade quality even if the weed is strong, cheap high no quality