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Story Cannabis - North Chandler

was excited to come down to check out the new oasis north and I was amazed clean and brand new every employee was beyond friendly my budtender Jimi is the man showed me the current specials I was on a budget and let him know what I was looking for he was amazing to give a few suggestions right of the bat I was a little short in change but he made the purchase happen, I'm in pain quite often so having his help with my selection was amazing thanks Jimi and jae for helping out you guys made my weekend I'll definitely be back

Curaleaf - Glendale

Love the flower content, love the daily deals and discounts on edibles knowledgeable staff

Marigold Dispensary (Med/Rec)

So nice a spot literally down the street from my house total walking distance great selection and prices

Curaleaf - Youngtown

still love the original hours and now being open till 8 and now open sundays nice, Brian was my tender today very friendly and super helpful great deals

Curaleaf - Bell Rd.

Always Swell on Bell this place is amazing great daily deals love the multiple locations


Being from the great state of AZ i was more inclined to try the Cactus, this state has a lot of them, i recently had the pleasure of finally trying it out... being the adventurous stoner that i am i decided the outdoors in the desert mountain right before sunset, i sit among the rocks and start grinding up the cactus, she instantly releases a heavy yet pungent citrus aromas with an earthy undertones, similar to fresh cut cacti. These buds are dense with a nice coat of tan trichs, the smoke has an amazing citrus pop, as the sun began to set the effects started to roll through my body with a relaxing yet euphoric high, as the last bits of sun shined through the desert this strain did the same and popped with a relaxing sedative body high, i felt as if my body was floating on clouds that relieved all my stress and anxiety... been to the desert lately? if not highly recommend the cactus

Nature's Medicines - Happy Valley (Med/Rec)

Definitely the newest spot to check out... especially if your on the north side of phoenix... driving out here the location was really easy to find, brand new building, im always checking out all aspects of a dispensary, the outside brand new extremely clean, i rolled up at 650 right before closing time, even close to closing my bud tender spencer was more than excited to show of the products and answer the few questions i had, everyone i encountered while there was extremely friendly, despite the distance from my house i will be stopping back by for more of the gelato and gorilla glue.... maybe some slighly lower prices on flower other than that this spot is a great option

WAM Dispensary El Mirage MED/REC

i heard there was a new spot down the street so i went to go check it out and there was some friendly familiar places... whats up deanna love your new spot, love the meds prices are good... clean and friendly will be back for the GSC and Cronuts