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Kind Leaf Pendleton

so glad there's a dispensary within a driving distance of Boardman, OR that's got good prices on select strain and golden xtrx and flower. Even though I'll be leaving hometown Portland going here in pendleton at least I feel like I have the selection and prices to make me feel at home. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING NOW OPEN UP SHOP IN HERMISTON GUYS PLEASE. I sure hope since I'm medical I don't have to pay tax as well. I'm going going back back to Eastern Oregon!

Mr. Nice Guy - Portland

the customer service here is hands down the finest and most friendly employees I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with I can honestly say these guys to run my business even though they're a little out of my way since I live right next door to local herb Collective but these guys have earned my business. all I got to say if you're looking for a pleasant experience and the dispensary with the customer service you go here


over priced way over priced not very friendly staff either.


Asked for Dr.who and got dark heart not very friendly either.

Whitaker Blues

I love growing it so far waiting to try it after Christmas day harvest

Dogwalker OG

the best dawg walker og around hands down. thus is my favorite ganja to smoke on and local herbal collective has the best