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Collector Mini

OMG I LOVE this thing! I use way less of my dabs, make way less of a mess, and get way more high. It's the best way to dab! I used to get so annoyed by the consistency of shatter because of how hard it was to break off a perfectly sized chunk, try to get it to stick to the dab tool— Oh! Or what about those concentrates that have a long, stupid, tail when you scoop them up (like the stringy cheese of a delicious pizza slice as you try to separate it from the pie). UUHG All of that frustration is avoided by touching the nail directly to the oil! IT'S GENIUS! I'm SHOCKED at how long my dabs last now. If you like dabbing— you need one of these!

Pax Era

The build quality is great. the design is beautiful and thoughtful (for the most part). I expected to love this thing— but I didn't. The air chamber between the oven and the mouthpiece is tiny, tiny, tiny and clogs up very quickly, requiring frequent cleaning. The oven emits quite a lot of odor, so it's hard to use discretely. I tried to use it at a bar, during a football game once, and the smell quickly filled the air. Vaping from it is someone unsatisfying, as the tiny air tube means you have to pull quite hard. It also burns through herb quickly, without delivering the effects i'd have gotten from just smoking the same amount. It's pretty, but not very pleasant to use.

Small Holder

It's hands down the classiest way to carry around a one-hitter. Love the design. My only complaint about this thing is that it doesn't come with the little steam-roller that fits perfectly inside it.


The price is a bit outrageous, especially since the "Small Holder" is sold separately. That said— I've really enjoyed having mine. It's the perfect little one-hitter for when you're out and about. It looks class works well. The bowl is a nice size; a little bigger than the one-hitters I've had before— but not too big. The mouth piece comes off for cleaning, and I've never had a problem with it's fit. I waited for a sale, and I'm glad I did.