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Green Man Cannabis - Hampden

Stopped here on my way back to Phoenix. Some of the best bud in Colorado !! ❤️ Cannot wait to visit here again 😁

Ponderosa Dispensary - Glendale

Everyone was nice except p/u window employee. No smiles.. no personality.. should’ve sent him home to go back to bed and get out on the other side b4 coming back to work. He showed me he hates his job. He told me I threw my money at him. Review your camera footage then. No where near a throw my friend. I laid it down in front of him. He’s just a jerk. I’ll shop here again but I’ll avoid him like Covid.

Harvest HOC - Glendale

Love shopping here. Wish some of the flower prices were little lower tho I do love that there is a point system and I always seem to enjoy my visit with one particular bud tender as he has given me some really good advice on products. Thanks guys !!

Nirvana Center - Phoenix

Waited longer for an online order and most walkins went in ahead of me. Online order girl could’ve cared less about my wait time. Most other dispensaries will take an online order back to complete transaction before taking a new walk in .. wtf. The online ordering is so I don’t have to wait and I can just go in and pick it up! Hello Nirvana get your shit together! Good flower sometimes but check reviews first

Nirvana Center - West Phoenix

I love Nirvana and the products they carry, but I waited over 30 min to pick up an online order. Nirvana needs to fix this issue. Online orders means I am in a hurry with no time to waste.. get it Nirvana.? Otherwise.. love them ❤️

JARS Cannabis - Peoria (Med/Rec)

Front desk girl w long lt. brown hair working Friday 4/15 def needs an attitude adjustment. She has been rude to me on phone and in person and I brought my sister here and she was rude to her too. She needs to work on her tone. Otherwise I love coming here. Everyone else has been great. I used to work the front desk at Curaleaf... I know what it’s like when you have phones buzzing in your ear and people talking to you all day but you still need to be kind to these people front desk girl!!!

Curaleaf - Glendale

Rec seems more important to Curaleaf than the loyal patients who paid dearly fo their medical card only to be shut down for deals and specials and no friends and family discount on private reserve either, although other dispensaries do honor the discount on private reserve strains. Step back Curaleaf and maybe adopt some of the old school “Swell”/“The Greenhouse” attitude instead of being so gd money hungry lately. Your own staff doesn’t even get discounts on PR. So disappointed of late with you guys ☹️

Wedding Push Pops

Love NF ❤️ Thanks Curaleaf for having this in stock! Dense/Sticky Nugs with a kind of Skunky (old school) smell/with a nice twist of citrus/fruit on the exhale. Very smooth smoke..no anxiety just calm. Total enjoyment.

Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4)

A/O ... you’re GGlue is nothing short of amazing! Wish it was available more often. That and Starlord... yum ❤️

Select Nano Gummies 150mg Sour Blues

Mine were all stuck together ... def need better packaging. Maybe in a jar like the Curachews. I won’t buy again... too bad tasting for my liking. Sticking with Uncle Herbs!