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Death Bubba

As far as I know, this strain predates Sea to Sky, and the original was clone only. Was surprised at the assertion that that person bred it. This review is for the clone version. Very sticky, lots of resin all over. Has that slight coffee-like essence from the Bubba line. Excellent pain relief even at lower doses. Sleep comes easily at moderate to high doses. A real stinker growing it. A bit fussy with nutrients. Stretched more than expected. Deserves at least a month's cure. Good smoke, even better vaporized.

Island Sweet Skunk

A favorite strain for many years, it doesn't come around the legal market very often so when Versus released it I gladly scored a Z. Smoked it hit shortly after I finished the joint. Vaporized it hit almost right away and as usual was a more powerful experience. As for the effects, it is just what I expected. A period of Introspection/creativity, followed by giggles, energy and motivation, finishing with powerful euphoria. There were some moments of mild paranoia that were manageable. This was mid quality weed. Strong at over 27%, it's a bit short on terps and flavor plus there's lots of sticks to remove before grinding. For a $100 ounce it has the ISS effects I am after, just less skunky than examples that I have had before.

Mandarin Cookies

Mild pain relief but ultra-focused and a big crash at the end. No anxiety or paranoia. Got a lot done. A bit like blue dream in some ways bd lasts longer and is better for pain. Cheap bag, dry enouph to turn into powder between my fingers, correspondingly low in the odor and taste dimensions. I was looking for focus and energy without anxiety or paranoia, and I found it. I got so much done. Useful strain. I would love to find a higher grade version.

Weeds Glass and Gifts - Kingsway

I like this dispensary, good staff and decent variety. I placed a reserve through Leafly for a Z of a favorite strain only to find out later that that product has been out of stock for a long time. I sometimes use the company website, but it would be nice if their Leafly menu was up-to-date as I use Leafly when looking for specific strains.

TABLE TOP Blue Lemon Thai

Prerolls. They might have veen good if I could keep them lit. The weed in the cones is almost powder, hard to light and keep lit. Hard to draw. The ash is black to dark grey... I wanted to like this one, I went out of my way looking for it, now I have 5.5 joints that won't burn. It was me, who got burned. Come on tabletop, are you trying to ruin your brand, or bcbuds good fame? I won't get your prerolls again.

Comatose OG

1964 hit it out of the park again, making BC proud of this local strain! Smallish super dense and sticky buds, very smelly with just under 4% terps and 28%thc. Vaporized the green hits are amazing. It gave an almost immediate bliss which lasted a bit before becoming hungry and very sedative. No pain, no anxiety, no paranoia. Got 1/8, went back for another 1/2 before its gone. Have beverages handy, munchies are $/&! with a dry mouth.

Northern Berry

This might be less of a strain review than a brand review. I wasn't expecting craft quality from a $25 bag, but even cheap weed has to have *some* smell and taste. This bag by UP20 was beyond bland and they will get a letter from me. It is marked at over 21% which might be true, but the effects were mild at twice the amount I usualy use. Goes to show how important terpenes are. I don't know why anyone in a legal market would grow a blueberry strain that is odorless, tasteless, and of little medical value. Go figure. I won't add smell and taste info because, well, there isn't any. If I find this strain by a better grower I will revisit the strain review but this time it's overpriced cooking weed.

Ghost Train Haze

First part of the high was pretty energetic, but after a while waves upon waves of powerful euphoria kept coming on for at least an hour. Music inspired awe and a well played passage could bring joyful tears. Both sativa preroll strains I tried from this company have been terpy enough, smooth, and the size is right.

Black Cherry Punch

Love the fruity spicy taste and smell of this strain. You could classify this as an "uplifting indica" It offered me an enjoyable, easygoing cerebral high along with powerfull body buzz. I tried it first as a one gram, and despite all of the packaging, it was way too dry. But I like the effects, and took a chance that 1/4 would be more moist. Good call. Maybe the brand could skip the cardboard box and throw a boveda instead...

4Twenty Cannabis

Excellent, friendly service. Some of the premium bud isn't on the menu, but if you are a cannaseur and know what you are looking for they will have something to your taste. There are local and organic choices too if that's your thing. There is a brand from the east that should be avoided. Struck out 3 out of 3 times. I don't understand why here in the land of world-famous BCBud there is so much product from Ontario and other provinces...I challenge All of the dispensaries to carry more localy grown pot.

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