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Island Chill

This strain is amazing. I smoked some after a really stressful morning and it totally changed my attitude. It really does "chill" you out and become worry free. Its not the strongest high but that's not what I look for in a strain. No paranoid feelings which I am prone to from most strains. Really helps with Arthritis. This is my favorite so far since I got my medical card. Great terps in my batch Caro 4.09 Limo 2.31 Mryc 1.9 Bisabolol 1.44

Strawberry Cheesecake

This one is great if you have nothing you need to get done. Relaxes the body and slows the mind down. Helps with pain and no paranoid thoughts. Chilled and lazy. Thanks Willie! Only thing I don't like is it makes your ears ring badly.

Cream Caramel

I am a beginner but this strain is the best I have had so far. This feels really balanced and makes you feel content. Really helps with pain in my neck and shoulders with my degenerative arthritis. Made me think a lot but not worry like I usually do and made me have a good outlook on the day. Doesnt make you lazy but I am in no rush at whatever I am doing. The smell is amazing!

Emerald Fire OG

I am new to smoking Cannabis and have had problems with everything I have tried with THC. This strain is great and has not given me any anxiety problems I had with all the gummies and other flower I tried. It gave me energy and made my arthritis tolerable. A small 1 hitter of this and my mood was great and laughed harder than I have in a long time. I am guessing the terp profile in this is the way I need to go towards.

Pure Ohio Wellness - London

This was my first time here and I had a great experience. The security guard was really nice as well as the receptionist. She explained all the sales they were having. The young lady in the back helped me with the newbie questions I had and found me a good strain to try. The atmosphere felt safe and I will shop here again.