Blue Dot Reviews

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  • “Hello, my name is Dot. I have been growing weed in Humboldt County for over 25 years. I created the Blue Dot strain, not someone in Sonoma County. I crossed the Blueberry Indica with the Train Wreck over a period of 3 consecutive years. I used a blue sharpie permanent ink pen to label bags after they all processed and trimmed up. They were distributed in these packages which is why people started calling it Blue Dot...”

  • “I got this strain from ganjamamas in Ann Arbor. It was so uplifting and energetic, I cleaned my whole house. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a boost in your day.”

  • K80

    “Great day time smoke. Helps with PMS, headaches, back pain & nausea.”

  • “Def gives you energy & makes you focused & creative. smells & tastes great as well. one of my faves.”

  • “This was an amazing strain! Blue Dot is that perfect daytime strain. It kept me uplifted and functional while melting my pain away. The long lasting high was also another + Stop by Fusion Dispensaries of Welton and try some for yourself. 💚🙌 (only a 20 minute drive from Yuma 15 from foothills)”

  • “I have smoked a lot of good stuff since the mid to late 90s in So. cal area but I would never forget smoking blue dot which my friend got as a medical marijuana in the early 2000s. It got me so high to the point where I felt I was smoking for the first time all over again. As other people have described, it is a very hard hitting sativa with cerebral and uplifting effects. I haven't tried since but I have never forgo...”

  • “love it ! not a lazy type. good for any time of the day”

  • “This 80% Sativa is wonderful strain, with great genetics...White Widow X Northern Lights! I would rank this as one of my top 5 favorite strains!”