Blue Dot Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I got this strain from ganjamamas in Ann Arbor. It was so uplifting and energetic, I cleaned my whole house. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a boost in your day.”

  • K80

    “Great day time smoke. Helps with PMS, headaches, back pain & nausea.”

  • “Hello, my name is Dot. I have been growing weed in Humboldt County for over 25 years. I created the Blue Dot strain, not someone in Sonoma County. I crossed the Blueberry Indica with the Train Wreck over a period of 3 consecutive years. I used a blue sharpie permanent ink pen to label bags after they all processed and trimmed up. They were distributed in these packages which is why people started calling it Blue Dot...”

  • “This was an amazing strain! Blue Dot is that perfect daytime strain. It kept me uplifted and functional while melting my pain away. The long lasting high was also another + Stop by Fusion Dispensaries of Welton and try some for yourself. 💚🙌 (only a 20 minute drive from Yuma 15 from foothills)”

  • “Had the pleasure of trying this amazing strain. With a great taste and amazing aroma blue dot easily ranks amongst my top five. It's an energetic high that is perfect for any day time activity. If you come across it defiantly give her a try you will not be disappointed”

  • “Def gives you energy & makes you focused & creative. smells & tastes great as well. one of my faves.”

  • “This 80% Sativa is wonderful strain, with great genetics...White Widow X Northern Lights! I would rank this as one of my top 5 favorite strains!”

  • “Took it to a roadtrip in California. Awesome strain, gives you a really good high, uplifted, creative. "You wanna do something" strain. Great to share with friends.”