Bob Saget Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My friend and I smoke this out of the bond and gave a no disappointment. Very heavy high, but not couch locked you can still be doing activities.”

  • “This strain feels 100% sativa at first but had me drifting to sleep after a while. Was told a 70/30 S/I split. Fruity sweet sage smell with a chem undertone. Effects remind me of the strain Star Dawg, very cerebral high that lasts but starts to wear you out. Would be difficult to be very productive with this one but a good spacey buzz. 4.5/5.”

  • “So I like to start off by saying this is the best strains I ever tried and I have tried many. I never felt the need to write a review about any strain until now. I have thyroid problems along with low blood pressure and low blood sugar so I'm always getting panic attacks and anxiety. I can tell you that I felt I couldn't even have a panic attack if I wanted to on this strain. It puts your mind state in such a happy ...”

  • “Very very high!! I was still very productive and loving life. I love to smoke it before working out. It's just hard to find in the Central Valley.”

  • “Awesome name, probably a great strain as well!”