Chem's Sister Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This was vaped as an oil and was my first experience with cannabis. Popped my cherry hard but in a really good way. Gave me a strong head high, incredible insight, and euphoric times. I am a picky bitch when it comes to flavour, but though this was strong, it was not too bad. Knocked my chronic pain out for 72 hours after first use.”

  • “The Package: Very nice all black with a beautiful girl on the cover of it, tested and made sure it's safe for use THCA 25.87mg is going to be a heavy one for sure. The Smell: Tearing off the plastic to envelop my senses in a lushful pine and lemon forest, some of the small hints of a smoky eucalyptus chemical aroma is there, but faint. The Look: Looks like a more frosty og kush, as if it grew older not quite as green...”

  • “that's a very dreamy sativa..very strange type of high..really”

  • “Very good sativa very good, I work grave yards and this strain is good because when its 3:30 am you need some living up to do. I zone out for a couple hours and I'm finished with the night, well after I clean out the fringe.”

  • “this strain is nice & finishes quite fast for a sativa dominant strain! yummy”

  • “This strain was OK...nothing like ChemDawg at did the trick, but I guess depending on where you get this strain and who's growing it, it might vary.”

  • “Very high thc levels 27.90 to be exact, flavorful , small but with a powerful powerful kick. Very sweet kush flavor almost like gas. A very euphoric stain in every angle. This is what a sativa should feel like. Truly a favorate in my book”

  • “Smooth lemon-pine taste with a clear head-high. Great for reading dense material and writing papers!!”