Cinex Reviews

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  • “A morning bowl of this and I'm ready to get the kids off to school, wife off to work, and get my morning workout in and I keep going strong all day. Eases the pain of my back and helps me think straight.”

  • “So, I honestly don't really like weed. The smell grosses me out, and almost every strain I've tried makes me nauseous, anxious, and paranoid, and then completely knocks me out. Indicas are the worst, I seriously can't handle those at all. Sativas are better, but they still don't feel good. With a weird spinal deformity (I have an extra vertebrae that's broken and grinds) that causes unbearable pain in my lower back a...”

  • “As I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain, I have been looking for a strain that is also good for my girlfriend's depression and ADHD. Cinex turns out to be excellent for us both. Happy, mellow head high, with excellent focus that leads to an overall feeling of well being and relaxed happiness. Good choice for pain, works great for anxiety, and quite fun. It also has the added benefit of arousal! A great all ar...”

  • “LOVE this Cinex Sativa strain! Not only did it help reduce all my inflammation, my girlfriend enjoys my company, AND I feel great the next day. Not to mention, sex is ah-may-ZING! (I smoke flower at night to reduce inflammation and help me fall asleep. I also live with HIV and overall feel more mobile)”

  • “I never write reviews on Leafly anymore, but f*** it, Cinex deserves it. Badass strain, my favorite of 2016 hands down. Only smoked flower of this strain once but it was bomb. The concentrate form of this strain, however, is actually what I want to talk about today. For about a month, Cinex wax was all I smoked. The wax had a really gooey consistency, had a thc content of 82% as I recall, and I could always get it ...”

  • “Cinex is my favorite high to date! With Cinex, you get that nice mood boost without paranoia/anxiety of some of the more popular Sativas. I felt like my problems and worries were washed away, and I was actually much more motivated and productive. My wife was surprised to learn I had done chores when she came home, knowing I had been smoking...:-) I recently looked to replace Cinex w/ Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant hybri...”

  • “Cin X is a great hybrid. Seems Sativa dominant to me. Makes me happy and focused while still giving some body high effects. A little anxiety/paranoia creeped in, but not much, and not for long. A solid 8 for me.”

  • “Got some in concentrate and I really have to admit when me and my friend dabbed this amaizngness, we went straight stupid! In a very good way though, this stuff killed my anxiety and depression on freaking contact, let alone the taste and smell on this stuff is just so intense. I could easily dab this every day and enjoy my crazy ass life, easily one of the best Sativas I've ever tried and I've tried alot. Sweet jesu...”