Clementine Reviews

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  • “Wow! The Smell: Extreme citrus fills the room this strain has a pungent odor I can't get enough of this strain I can see why they would call it Clementine however it smells like the forest took a shower and was going out on a date this is superb oh so sublime. The structure: Very different it's a twist and resembles more of the true thai stick lenage, it has very dusty trichs curling towards the top I see small black...”

  • “Clementine decent strain to activate your third eye or increase your focus.I found this strain tasty for me it remind's me of orange Bubble Yum piece of gum w/ tones of skunk.You could feel the cerebral effect's immediate.You could tackle Stewart Little mice studies on Pub Med. 1/1 thc/cbd b.I.d 5mg sublingual on deck 1/10 anxiety w/ flower. I truly believe a low endocannabinoid system causes myself to have these m...”

  • “Gosh! Why haven't I taken you out Clementine, before now! wow she packs a good uplifting, focused buzz.”

  • “🍊🍼 Clementine is sweet little Sativa with mild effects and a nice flavor. Pretty little buds with short orange hairs. I wasn't too impressed with the high, but I did enjoy the taste. Not much of a head buzz for being a sativa, but it did calm the nerves a bit and gave a slight boost in sociability. Would recommend this for the novice toker. Nothing too exciting, but a good starter Sativa grown by Remedy. a-Terpinol...”

  • “Check out this amazing strain coming from Crockett Family Farms, if y'all have not had a chance to sample any strains from CFF, Clementine will be an instant favorite for any sativa fan or a fan of orange citrus flavoured strains. Clementine combines the award winning Tangie strain crossed with the strong Lemon Skunk, this sativa combination will have the mind filled with happy and energetic vibes... despite being a ...”

  • “picked this up at AZ Nature, just looked too tastsy to pass up had to get it! Orangish, with a lil Curtis sent Leaves are a dark green with orange hairs scattered all over each nug. the high comes on pretty quick, definitely feel it in the head and arms. feel more stoney then energetic, but still feel like I wanna do something. great for the end of the day with friends, or when ur out doing something.”

  • “Potent Sativa, great genetics, and when grown properly, the terps are just plain LOUD! A pleasure to medicate with ( morning coffee and few tokes, I'm ready for the day!) I have this 5 stars (to get 5 from me, it has to be special) due to its terps.. Clementine is "Quen of the Terpene"”

  • “After a weekend of solid family and insomnia I decided to take today off to sleep in and enjoy a day alone. I wake and baked with Clementine, a really delightful sativa whose parents are Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Mine tested out high at 28.33% THC and 1.35% CBD. I am feeling sparkles and higher than I have in a long time, it's so weird how flower can hit me harder than the potent oils sometimes! I feel sparkles in ...”