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Double Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I rolled this into a blunt one day with a couple buddies. Man! is this some great bud. It had nice, nice orange hairs all over it and smelled great. I felt very blunted, euphoric and uplifted. Had somewhat of a headache before I smoked it but it was one hundred percent gone by the time i was done smoking. I recommend this strain to anyone who might have a higher tolerance (like me) than the average patient. D...”

  • “Literally killed my depression😌 nice strain:)))”

  • “A very good strain created by cultivator R. Rangel back in the late 80's by crossing sour diesel with an AK red cherry phenotype. Mostly popular in western europe and south africa.”

  • “very airy light high. little to no head pressure or body vibes unlike many other strains. This bud is actually quite energizing, it's not something i would use before sleeping. I usually expect diesels to make me cough heavily, but this one is not so rough. It smokes like some good standard bud, nothing super special, just easy and quick... a good daily driver for most situations. Not paranoia inducing like ot...”

  • “I love this stuff it's a top shelf medicine for my patients with depression or adhd even opiate just makes you smile! super Crystaly very headie high temple decompression. behinde ears exc. the only problem I have with this cannabis strain is the taste. its kind of mellow doesnt have that musky power diesel taste we all look for in diesels but overall Amazing A++ happy smoking!”

  • “wow super duper good. definitely an upper tried many, many this is one of my top 3 with lemon kush being at number 2 double decker being #1 and I'm not sure what number 3 is lol..definitely an exact 10 though :)”

  • “One of my Favs sativas, Its hard to find here in Mexico, but this one is sooooo dam good. The taste is unique, and the trip too, so happy ,so full energy, perfect for a concert or partying, u Feel the music. You just wanna do everything(like write this review hahaha) or whatever. Totalt focus, and a very creative weed. Perfect for drepession or bad times. cheers & enjoy K.kush.B”

  • “Grapfruity Goodness with that familiar Diesely deliciousness. This one tastes and smells like you sliced open a fresh grapefruit and poured some gas on the inside. I Love the Diesel strains. This one has been recently added to my arsenal for morning medicine. A few tokes of this fire puts me into focus land. My ADD fades and I can Get Shit Done. After smoking this strain, only happiness and sunshine exist within.”