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Dr. Grinspoon

4.8| 63 Reviews

What is Dr. Grinspoon?

Dr. Grinspoon, a pure sativa heirloom bred by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, is a strain destined for connoisseurs and intellectuals alike. In honor of the Harvard professor and cannabis advocate, this strain was named after Lester Grinspoon, who set out to correct misinformed science in the 1970s. As if channeling the brilliance of Dr. Grinspoon himself, this sativa is a top choice for creative, introspective thinkers as it induces heightened cerebral activity and sensory awareness. Dr. Grinspoon buds, imbued with rich earthy and honey flavors, grow like berries on twig stalks in unusually gapped popcorn formations. Because of its structure, Dr. Grinspoon typically delivers smaller harvests after a 13-14 week flowering time. This indoor preferred strain requires time and patience, but few cannabis varieties can impress connoisseurs like these frost coated gems. Patients with mood disorders, attention deficit, and chronic pain may find relief in the euphoric and invigorating experience that defines this legendary sativa.

Where to Buy Dr. Grinspoon

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Dr. Grinspoon Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Dr. Grinspoon Flavors

  • 1. Pine
  • 2. Woody
  • 3. Pepper

Review Highlights

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“All I need to say is WOW, Outstanding, the best marijuana known to mankind. After smoking 10 bong hits I went into a dark room and visions one after another came to me with music, voices, amazing sounds. Creative ideas I had never thought before rushed into my mind. The high lasted 35 minutes, and it was the most creative experience of my life. This is a revolutionary strain that will change the world. This is w...”

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“This is a unique strain, takes longer than most to grow and its results are worth the wait. It's buds are tiny little balls with a slight hint of purple and little orange hairs. It's a pure sativa and has similar effects to haze strains only difference is it has a slight peppery pine flavour. Perfect for the daytime and for some deep creative thinking. Only downsides are because it takes such a long time to grow, you...”


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